Tuesday August 15, 2000

Update on the NIN Hotline tshirts, etc.

Since news has been pretty slow, here's a litle status report on the NIN Hotline shirts. A lot of you have placed orders online, but only a quarter of you have sent in money. Good news for those of you who have already sent money: you'll be getting a little something circular and shiny with your shirts. For those who have ordered, but still haven't paid - I'm going to order as much of a full batch as I can afford, and I'll ship out the shirts as the print-out (or written out, as it were) order forms come in. I'd like to again say thanks for all the support, and also a big thanks to the Hotline staff, who continue to make this a fun thing to do. By the by, in case you hadn't noticed, we've added Ruiner to the roster. He's a good guy, drop him a note and say hi ;)