Wednesday August 9, 2000

The Ongoing Durst and Reznor Feud in Revolver

Chad from #nin99 transcribed this little excerpt from Revolver.
Revolver: So what else is pissing you off?

Durst: Pissing me off? Trent Reznor is pissing me off. I'm a huge NIN fan; pretty hate machine was a huge part of my life. Big. Trent really took industrial music to another level. So to have him smashing a plate that's got my image on in his "Starfuckers Inc." video for no other reason than jealousy is really small. I understand his record isn't doing what he'd hoped it would, but that doesn't mean he has to bring everyone else down with him. Despite everything, I'd like to collaborate with him. That would be fantastic and our fans would love it. But instead, he's out there talking shit, and he's hurting himself.

Revolver: How did you feel when you saw the video?

Durst: You know, it didn't bother me that much at first, because he also smashed his own face, and Marilyn Manson's face. Courtney Love was also really brutalized.

Revolver: Rumor has it you've written a direct response to Trent on your new album.

Durst: It's just in the hook, "You want to fuck me like an animal/You want to burn me on the inside/you like to think I'm your perfect drug/But just know that nothin' you do will bring you closer to me". It's a parody of some of his stuff. At the same time I wanted to make a statement about the word 'fuck'. I say 'fuck' in the song 46 times. It's fuck everything until it numbs you.

Revolver: Or you blow your rage out of your system. That's one way of dealing with anger -- just let it out.

Durst: Yeah, Trent's probably going to be really happy that it got to me that bad. It's difficult, but I try not to dwell on what people like Trent or Courtney think...
Thanks Chad!