Saturday, 11/25/06

Mediocrity in action

Just in time for Thanksgiving whatever the next stupid holiday is, the stupid Meathead Perspective got updated with another stupid cartoon.
Thursday, 11/23/06

Vote for Closer as Best Music Video EVER

Sumner sent us this link where you can vote for Closer as the best music video of all time on VH1 Classic. Significantly, you can vote more than once -- so get to it! The top 20 videos will feature in VH1's Top 20 Greatest Music Videos of All Time countdown show. Tell all your friends on myspace and shit like that to vote for NIN, too.

Trent blogs in the Spiral now.

Spiral members have a lot to be thankful for -- Trent has been posting sporadic blog updates in the Spiral about the progress of the new NIN album. The latest update indicates that in a few weeks he'll be working with Alan Moulder on final tweaking and then mixing starts in January. If you haven't joined the Spiral yet, here's another reason to do so!

Bridge School performances on iTunes

I know this will probably ruin Thanksgiving for a lot of you, but a collection of Bridge School performances was just released on iTunes, and many expected the collection to include at least a song or two from Trent's recent performance. Sadly, the collection does not feature Trent (although it does include a rousing acoustic rendition of Metallica's Fade to Black), but maybe there will be another release further down the line. Of course, if you look hard enough, there are bootleg copies floating around out there. Thanks to all who wrote in (and on ETS) about this.

Review of Buddyhead CMJ show in NYC

gungirl_newyork sent us her review of the recent Buddyhead show here in NYC, including an interview with Buddyhead's Travis Keller. She says to check back soon for a video interview with Alessandro Cortini. Sadly, though, she apparently failed to save any footage of Aaron North pinching my nipples.
Tuesday, 11/21/06

Goodrock adds tour shirts under $13

Just in time for the holiday season to kick off, The NIN Hotline Store has added a few ladies shirts to their inventory. This includes that real nice ladies t-shirt that looks vaguely like the artwork from the Only promo. Anyhow, have a look, as these new shirts are all under $13.

Russell Mills installation on now in Glasgow

Commissioned artwork by Russell Mills, including a number of pieces done for Nine Inch Nails, are on display at Committere, from today through December 16. Exhibitors reveal the work behind each finished commission, showing private annotated drawings and rapidly executed sketches that document the evolution of their designs from the initial stage to the fruitful conclusion of each client/maker relationship.

Atrium Gallery, Foulis Building
The Glasgow School of Art,
158 Renfrew Street,
Glasgow G3 6RF
Tel: 0141 353 4589

Mills has posted a very interesting look into the process of being hired to do the work for the Downward Spiral et al, which you can read here. For even more information, visit and have a look around. Thanks to Raf for the heads up.
Friday, 11/17/06

Vote for the Belong album

We did a little review and giveaway of the album October Language by Turk Dietrich & Michael Jones under the moniker Belong about eight months ago. If you got a chance to check out the disc and liked it, take a few moments out and vote for it at the Plug Awards. If you haven't heard it yet, and you enjoy good washy ambient droney music, I still think you should check it out.
Sunday, 11/12/06

Aaron North interview, and free CDs.

We received an anonymous submission pointing us to this interview with Aaron North, an interesting read with some info about the Beside You In Time dvd. At the recent Buddyhead party in NYC I scored a couple CDs for the bands Aaron mentions in the interview, the Cassettes' 'Neath The Pale Moon and the PoPo's self-titled debut, and now that both albums are firmly downloaded into my iTunes library, I thought I'd give the original CDs away. Send me an email with your name, mailing address, and preference of CD (if any) and I'll mail off each CD to a lucky, totally random winner. AMERICAN RESIDENTS ONLY (sorry to everyone else). The only thing you have to do is tell all your friends to check the bands out.

*Update* The winners have been selected; thanks to all who participated. For those who didn't win, check out both bands' websites for more information on how to purchase their albums.
Friday, 11/10/06

300 update

Zach Snyder (the director) and Frank Miller recently did a Q&A about the upcoming movie 300, revealing that NIN will not feature in the soundtrack, only the preview. Click here to read the interview. Snyder and Miller do state that NIN "embodied the sort of attitude of the movie and that's why we used it for a lot of the trailers," which is cool. Thanks to Gustavo Natanael for writing in with this.

Second date at Birmingham (and Manchester)

To our UK/EU readers, a second date has been added at the Academy in Birmingham.

The first one sold out, so get 'em while they're hot. Special thanks to Noel E. for the notice.

Update: Shreena let us know that Manchester has also added another date. Tickets are still on sale for both Manchester dates at Ticketmaster, whereas the first Birmingham gig is apparently sold out.
Thursday, 11/09/06

Quick note on the NIN Hotline eBay auctions...

Currently some twit is wasting my time and outbidding the top bidders on all the items I've put up, despite efforts I've taken to avoid this inevitable bullshit. If you end up in second place to someone with zero bids, give me a little time to get everything sorted. I probably shouldn't have had the auctions end so close to when elementary school lets their children out.
Wednesday, 11/08/06


The Wall Street Journal reports that Trent Reznor enjoys Guitar Hero. This isn't really news, per se, but Guitar Hero 2 rules, and it's out this week, and, well, people keep sending this bit of "news" in.

In unrelated news it looks like the Democrats took Virginia, so here's hoping for some checks and balances for the next couple years. I'll be playing Search and Destroy so I probably won't notice either way.
Tuesday, 11/07/06

Don't forget to vote today.

Not really NIN-related, but the NIN Hotline would like to remind our American readers to vote in today's midterm elections. Voting is a right and a privilege; please use yours responsibly.

Tony Hawk's Project 8 releases today.

We recently reported that the With Teeth track Getting Smaller appears in Tony Hawk's new video game "Project 8," which hits the street today. If you're planning to buy the game and want to help support the Hotline with some Amazon money, click the appropriate link to buy the game on the following platforms: Xbox 360, PSP, Xbox, and PS2.

Beside You In Time tech update

Paolo wrote in linking us to some posts on an the AV Science forum where folks are discussing the release of the new NIN Blu-Ray/HD-DVD release. Technically speaking, the Blu-Ray will be encoded as VC-1 1080p video with lossless Dolby TrueHD audio. Interesting stuff, thanks Paolo!
Monday, 11/06/06

Suck Remix Contest FAQ

Pat Van Hulle of Underground, Inc. sent Leviathant and me an email this morning about the Suck Remix contest. Pat says he read some of the questions people have been asking about the contest over on ETS and decided to create this FAQ to answer them. You can find additional info, as well as a downloadable version of the original Suck and a new Pigface song, at Pigface's myspace page (see below). Thanks Pat!

*Update* Apparently Pigface has had trouble with their myspace page, so they've now created a new one:

NIN shows sell out quickly, additional shows added in UK and Belgium.

We've received a number of reports that at least some of the European shows that went on sale this morning have already sold out. It looks like new shows were scheduled in the UK at the Glasgow Academy (on 1 March 2007) and in Belgium at AB (on 19 March 2007), but the Belgian show appears to have sold out too. Neither of those dates have been confirmed on, so be careful... Thanks to all who wrote in.
Friday, 11/03/06

News about Swedish and Dutch NIN shows, NYC Saul Williams with CX Kidtronik show

Attention Swedish fans: Daniel informs us that this Swedish ticketing website lists November 7th as the general onsale date for the April 8 Stockholm show.

Attention Dutch fans: Matthieu wrote in to let us know that the Paradiso Club's website indicates there will be a second NIN show on March 22 (click on "More" in the top row of the calendar to get a pop-up window listing March events). Keep in mind this second show hasn't been announced on yet...

Finally, attention NYC fans: if you didn't go to last night's Krakstravaganza, you really missed out. Among other things, I am proud to report that CX Kidtronik finally got a Krak picture of a girl with a NIN tattoo on the small of her back --'s very own trentroxme!


This Saturday night you can catch Saul Williams and CX Kidtronick performing at the Canal Room (Canal and W. Broadway). Tickets are available at or at the door. I know it's not NIN news, but who knows -- maybe they'll perform one of the new songs Trent worked on.
Thursday, 11/02/06

Brixton Academy tickets on sale Monday

Greg MacDonald sent in this link to Ticketweb, where you can buy tickets to see Nine Inch Nails plus Special Guests for £25.00 - on Monday. So if you missed the Spiral pre-sale, Monday's your second chance.

CX Kidtronik showcase in NYC tonight

Unfortunately the site was down yesterday, or we would've reminded NYC Hotline readers to attend last night's rocking Buddyhead show at the Lit Lounge. The College Music Journal marathon continues tonight with CX Kidtronik's KraKstravaganza showcase at the Canal Room. Click here for more info. It's recommended to arrive by 9:50 p.m. if you're planning to attend.
Wednesday, 11/01/06

The Girls of the NIN Hotline (canceled)

We're considering putting together a 2007 wall calendar tentatively entitled "The Girls of the NIN Hotline." The calendar would feature superhot female NIN fans and would probably be priced around $15, including shipping & handling within the U.S. If you'd like to enter the contest to be one of our featured models, email us your best photos. Obviously, your chances will be higher if your photo incorporates your love for NIN, and it goes without saying that the less clothing you wear, the better! We'd like to receive all entries by November 18, 2006. IT SHOULD GO WITHOUT SAYING, BUT YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD TO SUBMIT AN ENTRY. Also, no nudes, please.

But as much as we love hot NIN fans, we're only going to do this if enough of you would actually buy it. So if you would definitely buy this type of calendar, email us with the subject line: "calendar." Assuming there's enough demand, the calendar will be available for purchase well in time for the holiday season -- the Girls of the NIN Hotline will make the perfect stocking stuffer!!

For those of you who demonstrated overwhelming (and at times creepy) interest in the calendar, thanks, but we'd have to get a ridiculously high number of purchasers to make this type of venture worth it, and we're now pretty sure that isn't going to happen. For those who submitted photos -- thank you, and you are certainly very hot, but the calendar just wouldn't be lucrative. Finally, the real lesson in all of this is that a good 60% of you have no idea how to spell the word "calendar."

On the plus side, we're now discussing approaching the T-shirt idea again. Anything to make this website self-supportive, so that it doesn't get shut down again like the other day.