Tuesday November 21, 2006

Russell Mills installation on now in Glasgow

Commissioned artwork by Russell Mills, including a number of pieces done for Nine Inch Nails, are on display at Committere, from today through December 16. Exhibitors reveal the work behind each finished commission, showing private annotated drawings and rapidly executed sketches that document the evolution of their designs from the initial stage to the fruitful conclusion of each client/maker relationship.

Atrium Gallery, Foulis Building
The Glasgow School of Art,
158 Renfrew Street,
Glasgow G3 6RF
Tel: 0141 353 4589

Mills has posted a very interesting look into the process of being hired to do the work for the Downward Spiral et al, which you can read here. For even more information, visit RussellMills.com and have a look around. Thanks to Raf for the heads up.