Wednesday November 1, 2006

The Girls of the NIN Hotline (canceled)

We're considering putting together a 2007 wall calendar tentatively entitled "The Girls of the NIN Hotline." The calendar would feature superhot female NIN fans and would probably be priced around $15, including shipping & handling within the U.S. If you'd like to enter the contest to be one of our featured models, email us your best photos. Obviously, your chances will be higher if your photo incorporates your love for NIN, and it goes without saying that the less clothing you wear, the better! We'd like to receive all entries by November 18, 2006. IT SHOULD GO WITHOUT SAYING, BUT YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD TO SUBMIT AN ENTRY. Also, no nudes, please.

But as much as we love hot NIN fans, we're only going to do this if enough of you would actually buy it. So if you would definitely buy this type of calendar, email us with the subject line: "calendar." Assuming there's enough demand, the calendar will be available for purchase well in time for the holiday season -- the Girls of the NIN Hotline will make the perfect stocking stuffer!!

For those of you who demonstrated overwhelming (and at times creepy) interest in the calendar, thanks, but we'd have to get a ridiculously high number of purchasers to make this type of venture worth it, and we're now pretty sure that isn't going to happen. For those who submitted photos -- thank you, and you are certainly very hot, but the calendar just wouldn't be lucrative. Finally, the real lesson in all of this is that a good 60% of you have no idea how to spell the word "calendar."

On the plus side, we're now discussing approaching the T-shirt idea again. Anything to make this website self-supportive, so that it doesn't get shut down again like the other day.