Sunday November 12, 2006

Aaron North interview, and free CDs.

We received an anonymous submission pointing us to this interview with Aaron North, an interesting read with some info about the Beside You In Time dvd. At the recent Buddyhead party in NYC I scored a couple CDs for the bands Aaron mentions in the interview, the Cassettes' 'Neath The Pale Moon and the PoPo's self-titled debut, and now that both albums are firmly downloaded into my iTunes library, I thought I'd give the original CDs away. Send me an email with your name, mailing address, and preference of CD (if any) and I'll mail off each CD to a lucky, totally random winner. AMERICAN RESIDENTS ONLY (sorry to everyone else). The only thing you have to do is tell all your friends to check the bands out.

*Update* The winners have been selected; thanks to all who participated. For those who didn't win, check out both bands' websites for more information on how to purchase their albums.