Wednesday, 6/30/04

No Korn after all

According to this site, among other sites, it appears that Korn will not be covering that one NIN song after all, but instead will be ruining "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy:
Korn look to have abandoned their plans to cover nine inch nails and have instead opted to cover Public Enemy's "Fight The Power", complete with a guest appearance from rapper Lil Jon. The bands version of "Fight The Power", along with their cover of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall", are both expected to show up on the groups forthcoming 'best of' album, which is planned for a release this fall. One of the aforementioned tracks is also expected to be used as a single from the release with a video to be shot for it in the coming weeks.
Thanks to everybody who passed along this nugget of info. Oh, and the Meathead Perspective has kindasorts been updated.
Thursday, 6/24/04

Korn Jumps On NIN Cover Bandwagon

If you were disappointed that only 58 bands have covered Nine Inch Nails songs this year, I've got good news for you! Our friends at Blabbermouth are reporting that Korn is recording a cover of the hit classic "Head Like A Hole" (as well as a perfectly-justified Pink Floyd cover) for its upcoming Greatest Hits collection!
KORN's upcoming greatest hits collection will include two new cover tunes, according to Launch Radio Networks. The group's versions of PINK FLOYD's "Another Brick In The Wall" and NINE INCH NAILS' "Head Like A Hole" will be featured on the album, which is due out this fall. By coincidence, California goth-punk act A.F.I. has also recorded a new version of the latter tune, although they landed a guest appearance from NIN frontman Trent Reznor. A.F.I.'s take on the song is slated to appear on a yet-to-be-named video game. KORN's greatest his package may also include the band's recently recorded collaboration with rapper Lil Jon.
Awesome! You can bet I'll be there the moment this record lands in the stores! I love the state of modern music.
Tuesday, 6/22/04 updates - with a jakalope link

Reptile wrote in noticing that Nine Inch Nails' website updated their resources section, most notably with a link to We reported on the announcement (i.e. copied and pasted from this article) of Jakalope a few months back, "The label will release the debut Jakalope single in April with a full length following in June." By reporting that on this page, things got pushed back. Apparently there's background music on the Jakalope page, but I'm at work and can't listen to it.
For those too lazy to click on the link, Jakalope is a project featuring Dave Ogilvie, singer Katie B., Don Harrison, Don Binns and Don Short, and finally Anthony Valcic.

Ministry/Skinny Puppy Tour this Labor Day

I realize it's not really Nine Inch Nails news, but frankly I'm excited because this is right up my alley, and I'm sure some of you might be a little excited about this as well: According to an article in Rolling Stone:
Ministry will also start a tour with Skinny Puppy on Labor Day, tied in to the organization. "Our goal is to register 100,000 kids on the tour," says Jourgensen. "I'll do anything to entice them: sign autographs, give blowjobs, whatever." The Punkvoter shows will run up to the November 9th election.
Holy shit. If one or two other bands put out full lengths or decide to tour this year... I don't know what I'd do. Probably spend more money than I should.
By the by, Ministry's new album is out in the US today. You can stream the whole thing off VH1 at this address (thanks mannequin). I personally have not cared for any of the albums since Psalm 69, but this new one is certainly worth snatching up - perhaps my neck is a little red but I think it's a killer CD. I'm picking my copy up bright and early tomorrow. Already own the new Puppy album, seeing them Wednesday night. It's a good year for music.
Saturday, 6/19/04

NIN Video Game News

Ninhead and an anonymous viewer sent in word that the first single from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is Head Like a Hole. As performed by AFI.
Also, we recieved a significant number of emails about this CNN article about the Sims-like videogame, Singles. Relevant paragraph:
Lisa, for example, is a bookish photographer who prefers jeans and a T-shirt over sexy ensembles, so it may take some patience for her to attract the attention of Nicolas, a disturbed, tattooed musician who resembles rocker Trent Reznor.
Thanks Kat, j.elizondo, ehnonamus, Rick, & damian.

Tweaker Touring with Skinny Puppy

As we had posted a while ago, Tweaker is touring with Skinny Puppy, both having new albums out earlier this year. You can check out the tour dates at this page.
Tweaker's debut tour will feature Vrenna on drums and loops, Walsh on guitar and keyboards, Kevin Kipnis (Purr Machine) on treble bass and sound designer William Faith (Faith and the Muse) on standard bass. Nick Young, the singer for A.I. who performs "Sleepwalking Away" on the album, will handle vocal duties.
The setlist, though not in this order, is approximately:
"Happy Child"
"Truth Is"
"Movement of Fear"
"Swamp (vocal version)"
"Worse Than Yesterday"
"It's Still Happening"
"Sleepwalking Away"
If you catch the Boston show, there's a chance that Mellowdrone will be appearing to handle vocal duties from "Worse Than Yesterday," as he had on the album, 2 am Wakeup Call. I'm hitting the Philly show myself.
An important note: Tweaker's set has been beginning almost as soon as doors open, apparently, so make sure you show up early! Doors open at 7pm at most of the venues.
Sunday, 6/13/04

SickAmongthePure :: Think You Can Do A Better Job?

SickAmongthePure is looking for a new Editor (in chief). Sadly, recent Editor (in chief) R.K. Finch has departed SATP to pursue other endeavours, and that leaves a great, gaping void to fill. If you think you can do the job, check out details on applying for the role here.
Sunday, 6/06/04

SickAmongthePure :: June Issue

The June issue of SickAmongthePure is live! The issue looks at gender and its role in rock, laments the close of a cult comic book, and helps you score a more contemporary set list to the modern day wedding reception. It also features a review of the new A Perfect Circle DVD, short fiction, poetry, and more! SickAmongthePure has also unveiled their new T-shirt, available here. Check it out.
Tuesday, 6/01/04


In addition to working with Nine Inch Nails, Jerome Dillon has been working on his own music under the project name "nearLY." You can hear some sound clips and related artwork at the website Two years in the making, nearLY is signing with the One Little Indian, Bjork's label, which will have the album, reminder, released in November of this year.
Guests on the album include Claudia Sarne of 12 Rounds, former NIN programmer Keith Hillebrandt, Greg Dulli (afghan whigs and the twilight singers), and Petra Haden from That Dog. The project began in 2002 as an attempt to musically document a reoccuring dream, one Dillon has been having for years about his own death.
Click on the thumbnail to the left for a larger version of the photo, taken by photographer David Bailey.