Monday June 21, 2004

Ministry/Skinny Puppy Tour this Labor Day

I realize it's not really Nine Inch Nails news, but frankly I'm excited because this is right up my alley, and I'm sure some of you might be a little excited about this as well: According to an article in Rolling Stone:

Ministry will also start a tour with Skinny Puppy on Labor Day, tied in to the Punkvoter.com organization. "Our goal is to register 100,000 kids on the tour," says Jourgensen. "I'll do anything to entice them: sign autographs, give blowjobs, whatever." The Punkvoter shows will run up to the November 9th election.

Holy shit. If one or two other bands put out full lengths or decide to tour this year... I don't know what I'd do. Probably spend more money than I should.

By the by, Ministry's new album is out in the US today. You can stream the whole thing off VH1 at this address (thanks mannequin). I personally have not cared for any of the albums since Psalm 69, but this new one is certainly worth snatching up - perhaps my neck is a little red but I think it's a killer CD. I'm picking my copy up bright and early tomorrow. Already own the new Puppy album, seeing them Wednesday night. It's a good year for music.