Tuesday June 1, 2004


In addition to working with Nine Inch Nails, Jerome Dillon has been working on his own music under the project name "nearLY." You can hear some sound clips and related artwork at the website nearly.net. Two years in the making, nearLY is signing with the One Little Indian, Bjork's label, which will have the album, reminder, released in November of this year.

Guests on the album include Claudia Sarne of 12 Rounds, former NIN programmer Keith Hillebrandt, Greg Dulli (afghan whigs and the twilight singers), and Petra Haden from That Dog. The project began in 2002 as an attempt to musically document a reoccuring dream, one Dillon has been having for years about his own death.

Click on the thumbnail to the left for a larger version of the photo, taken by photographer David Bailey.