Saturday June 19, 2004

Tweaker Touring with Skinny Puppy

As we had posted a while ago, Tweaker is touring with Skinny Puppy, both having new albums out earlier this year. You can check out the tour dates at this page.

Tweakerโ€™s debut tour will feature Vrenna on drums and loops, Walsh on guitar and keyboards, Kevin Kipnis (Purr Machine) on treble bass and sound designer William Faith (Faith and the Muse) on standard bass. Nick Young, the singer for A.I. who performs "Sleepwalking Away" on the album, will handle vocal duties.

The setlist, though not in this order, is approximately:
"Happy Child"
"Truth Is"
"Movement of Fear"
"Swamp (vocal version)"
"Worse Than Yesterday"
"It's Still Happening"
"Sleepwalking Away"

If you catch the Boston show, there's a chance that Mellowdrone will be appearing to handle vocal duties from "Worse Than Yesterday," as he had on the album, 2 am Wakeup Call. I'm hitting the Philly show myself.

An important note: Tweaker's set has been beginning almost as soon as doors open, apparently, so make sure you show up early! Doors open at 7pm at most of the venues.