Friday, 12/31/04

2005 Arrives With Teeth

With Teeth is finished.
The band is rehearsing.
I can't wait to present this music to you-
on your stereo and in your town.
Happy New Year-
Thanks to all who sent in this news. 2005 is off to a great start!
Monday, 12/27/04

Jerome Dillon Update

Swiped from, courtesy a post from hector_br on Echoing the Sound, we have some updates on Jerome's project nearLY, as well as word that he'll be touring with Nine Inch Nails' "new band." For more information, check out
Tuesday, 12/21/04

Move over Gem, Ralf D. to play guitar for NIN

We just got word that German punk band WIZO made mention that their former drummer was in a band called Feuer with a dude named Ralf Dietel, who is scheduled to tour with Nine Inch Nails in March. There are probably a few more details, but I'm at work and I don't have the email in front of me.
Monday, 12/20/04

Gem Archer records with Nine Inch Nails

ProSound News has a little article about the recording party going down at The Village in Los Angeles. Apparently, Nine Inch Nails, Oasis, Liz Phair, Courtney Love & Billy Corgan were all recording in the various studios at The Village. Gem Archer, from Oasis, recorded tracks with Jeordie White on the new Alan Moulder produced NIN album, With Teeth. At one point, Trent lent Liz Phair a Stratocaster for one of her recordings. We think Billy and Courtney kept to themselves.
Thursday, 12/16/04

Trent is selling his New Orleans home. is running a story that starts out ragging on Courtney Love for stiffing the International House hotel, and goes on to talk about how Trent Reznor's house has gone on the market. The asking price is just under $2 million, which not only gets you the house, but undoubtedly a rash of stalkers who don't yet know about the move.
From the article, a quote from one of Trent's neighbors:
"The only way I knew he was famous was by all the weird people we saw walking by," she recalls. "Once we found a girl in our front yard and she had all these things in her nose and her mouth -- and God knows where else! She said to me: 'Can I climb over your fence? I need to get out.' "
Thanks for the info, Ralph!

Trent Reznor remixes "Vertigo" by U2

According to this article on NME,U2's next single (in the UK, anyway) will be for Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own. The single will include Bono singing Ave Maria with Pavarotti, a DVD with a live performance of the single, and a Trent Reznor remix of Vertigo, the debut single that seems to get played on absolutely every radio format (around here anyway). Even the country stations.
Thanks to Bob Peck and Kevin for the news.
Monday, 12/13/04

Poll-Busting like a Freeper *update #2*

K-Rock has a poll asking what album you anticipate the most. Now we're not suggesting who you should vote for, but at this point Nine Inch Nails holds a slim lead over the other bands listed, and there are only 409 votes.
UPDATE: After Nine Inch Nails took an overwhelming lead, with more than 60% of the several thousand votes cast, K-Rock reset the poll and removed the Nine Inch Nails option. According to the Krock webmaster, "more than 90% of NIN's votes came from the same IP address, which means someone wrote a script and cheated. NIN will remain off the poll for the time being." (Thanks for the update, Grim Phreaker.)
I'm not sure at what point this was the case, as early on, poll results were pretty consistent with the kind of traffic we generate, but the point is probably moot, as most of the visitors to this site are not within K-Rock's listening area anyway.
Update Update: Nine Inch Nails is back on the poll, and leading. If you're going to vote in the poll, don't be a cheat. And don't give the K-Rock webmaster a hard time, either.
Saturday, 12/11/04

Nice review of TDS 10th Anniversary

The Mansfield News Journal featured a well written, positive review of The Downward Spiral re-release, penned by Norm Narvaja. If you still aren't convinced about getting the album in surround, here's someone else telling you how good it is, without being comically over-the-top, like MusicTap's review.
Wednesday, 12/08/04

Dimebag Darrell is Dead.

Former members of Pantera, Dimebag Darrell and another member of the band Damageplan were shot on stage in Columbus, Ohio tonight, playing the first song in their band Damageplan's set. Local news reports say a gunman jumped on stage and shot at the band. Five are dead, two wounded. Pantera used to record at Nothing Studios.

The Downward Spiral, analyzed

Over the past ten years, countless people have offered their own analyses of The Downward Spiral. As if the internet didn't have enough of these, I thought I'd offer one up, too. What I'm analyzing isn't the lyrics or the music, though, but rather what's different about the remastered release that's been put out this year. It's a little dry, but you might find it interesting.
Saturday, 12/04/04

SickAmongthePure :: December.2004

The December issue of SickAmongthePure is live.
While the NIN camp slowly starts to gear up again, in the absence of other Nothing news, the December issue of SATP features a new interview with Dope Stars Inc., a promising up-and-coming electro band to watch for.
SickAmongthePure also interview Asmodeus X, Belgian Industrial outfit Suicide Commando and others, and feature new articles on American conservatism, A Perfect Circle's eMOTIVe, the return of the popular 'Goth's Guide to Etiquette' and much more.
Friday, 12/03/04 Update

Mr. Reznor has answered more of your questions. There is some information regarding a number of possible releases in the future.
question submitted by kipling:
how long and difficult is it to re-mix something into the 5.1 surround format? is audio remastering in 5.1 different depending on the original format like say a movie compared to an album?
response from trent:
it took us a month to remix tds in 5.1. we're mixing with teeth in surround at the same time we're mixing in stereo (in a different studio). i'm working with james brown on this again and he's made the process enjoyable - we've gotten into a good flow with each other.
He mentions that PHM and Broken/Fixed might be seen down the road in 5.1.
Thursday, 12/02/04

David Bowie shoots Coachella rumours down

Guido Paparazzi sends linkage to David Bowie's official website, where they sternly deny the rumor that David Bowie is headlining Coachella, and trace the earliest leak to this post on the Coachella boards. "There is simply no truth in the rumour that David Bowie will headline the festival"
For the record, this post was not our source, however their story corresponds to what we were told about the origins of our information (Techinically, I heard it was from EMI, not Capitol, but then really, they're the same company). Perhaps this is just a well researched wish list suggested by the promoters - it certainly looks like a wish list. We've heard about NIN guitarist auditions in LA, as well as bidding battles between Nations & the 9:30 club in DC for a Spring NIN show, and this seemed to tie in well enough to warrant posting, albeit with boldface disclaimers.
Wednesday, 12/01/04

12/02 Update- TDS Release Parties

This was posted at echoing the sound today, handily enough. On friday december 10, between 11 pm and 1 am, whirling dervish (1135 decatur st, new orleans, la 70116) is hosting a Downward Spiral 10th Anniversary Party, with free admission & $1 miller high life from 11 pm til 1 am.
You can enter to win autographed nin poster and the entire nin discography courtesy of interscope records.
If you haven't already bought the deluxe edition, buying it from tower records (at the party) gets you a free Downward Spiral deluxe lithograph. These things are high quality gloss prints on cardstock, and look very nice. If you aren't near any of these parties, we'll have an opportunity to win some, here on the Hotline, later this month.
Update! We have information on more parties! Bring friends, when I went to the Batcave in NY for the AATCHB party, I think there were more posters, flats, and window clings in attendance than there were people, not that it wasn't busy. Who knows, maybe they've got the TDS:Deluxe window clings, too.
Boston, MA - Dec 3rd @ 9pm
manray, 21 brookline st cambridge ma
Los Angeles, CA - Dec 11th
Bar Sinister, 1552 N cherokee ave
Miami, FL - Dec 11th 10 pm
alter ego @ club XIT, 219 N 21st St Hollywood Fl
New York, NY - Dec 4 at 9 pm
albion/batcave, 251 w 30th st
San Francisco, CA - Dec 3rd
vogue @ the catwalk
Washington, DC
Nation - details unknown
Chicago, IL - dec 15 @ 9 pm