Monday December 13, 2004

Poll-Busting like a Freeper *update #2*

K-Rock has a poll asking what album you anticipate the most. Now we're not suggesting who you should vote for, but at this point Nine Inch Nails holds a slim lead over the other bands listed, and there are only 409 votes.

UPDATE: After Nine Inch Nails took an overwhelming lead, with more than 60% of the several thousand votes cast, K-Rock reset the poll and removed the Nine Inch Nails option. According to the Krock webmaster, "more than 90% of NIN's votes came from the same IP address, which means someone wrote a script and cheated. NIN will remain off the poll for the time being." (Thanks for the update, Grim Phreaker.)

I'm not sure at what point this was the case, as early on, poll results were pretty consistent with the kind of traffic we generate, but the point is probably moot, as most of the visitors to this site are not within K-Rock's listening area anyway.

Update Update: Nine Inch Nails is back on the poll, and leading. If you're going to vote in the poll, don't be a cheat. And don't give the K-Rock webmaster a hard time, either.