Thursday December 2, 2004

David Bowie shoots Coachella rumours down

Guido Paparazzi sends linkage to David Bowie's official website, where they sternly deny the rumor that David Bowie is headlining Coachella, and trace the earliest leak to this post on the Coachella boards. "There is simply no truth in the rumour that David Bowie will headline the festival"

For the record, this post was not our source, however their story corresponds to what we were told about the origins of our information (Techinically, I heard it was from EMI, not Capitol, but then really, they're the same company). Perhaps this is just a well researched wish list suggested by the promoters - it certainly looks like a wish list. We've heard about NIN guitarist auditions in LA, as well as bidding battles between Nations & the 9:30 club in DC for a Spring NIN show, and this seemed to tie in well enough to warrant posting, albeit with boldface disclaimers.