Thursday December 16, 2004

Trent is selling his New Orleans home. is running a story that starts out ragging on Courtney Love for stiffing the International House hotel, and goes on to talk about how Trent Reznor's house has gone on the market. The asking price is just under $2 million, which not only gets you the house, but undoubtedly a rash of stalkers who don't yet know about the move.

From the article, a quote from one of Trent's neighbors:
"The only way I knew he was famous was by all the weird people we saw walking by," she recalls. "Once we found a girl in our front yard and she had all these things in her nose and her mouth -- and God knows where else! She said to me: 'Can I climb over your fence? I need to get out.' "

Thanks for the info, Ralph!