Monday, 7/29/02

Short Notes

Listed on the new soundtrack to Vin Diesel's movie "XXX" is a track titled Bodies (Vrenna Tweaker Mix)-Drowning Pool. It's found on Amazon here. Thanks Elizabeth.
The Danny Lohner remix of the Manson/Eminem collaboration The Way I am can be found on an Australian import of "Without Me". Thanks Jon.
Wednesday, 7/24/02

Vrenna at Apple show

Apple Computer is opening a new retail outlet in Los Angeles this weekend, complete with special grand opening events and presentations by well-known Mac users. Chris Vrenna will be presenting a segment on "computer music recording for beginners" on July 27th (Saturday)at 8PM. here's a link to the page. Thanks Mandisa.
Also offered at the Apple site is an interview with Chris Vrenna concerning two upcoming projects (film and game soundtrack). Trent Reznor also comments on Vrenna as a producer. The interview explores the technical side of recording and producing with references to Pro Tools and softsynths. You can read it here. Thanks Mr. Tangent.
Thursday, 7/18/02

Normally we don't post eBay links...

...however, this seems worth mentioning. You like Nine Inch Nails? You really, really like Nine Inch Nails? The above link is to an auction of an authentic, nonfunctioning Fragility Gibson Les Paul Classic Limited Edition (!!!) guitar, signed by Trent Reznor. I bookmarked the auction, but I realized that even attempting to win this one would risk the temptation of dipping into hosting money, and I've already put all that into a down payment on a new Porsche. ;) At this moment, this thing's only going for $65 -- and there's no reserve. That won't last long.

NIN on VH1, Monday July 29

A very informed ZykloN sent in word that 'VH1 are going to broadcast a show called "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" on monday july 29th at 3PM. NIN will be featured during hour 3 and will be positioned within artists 60-41.' Currently, we don't know what this entails, be it an interview, or maybe just a showing of the video for Closer, but it might just be worth checking out.

Miscellaneous Web Highlights

Did anyone else notice that there's a page up at And did anyone notice the butt plug on the first photo posted at Godzilla and a basketball also make appearences in rather odd places. These oddities were noted by a bunch of the folks over at SLS Forums. underwent some major revamping in the last month or so. There's a lot of cool stuff there, so if you haven't checked it out before, now is a good time.
Nine Inch Nails Chat . Com opened up recently, and don't let the domain name fool you - there's a lot more than just chat here. They even implemented a site skinning feature I was hoping to put together for this site, but never had time to do. Hop on over there and check out what's going on, be sure to log in and say hi. actually emailed me around the same time as - while similar in domain name choices, they are separate entities. Be sure and check out what they've got to offer as well.
Oh, and if you haven't been to since the site very quietly upgraded to PHP and added a huuuuge archive, make sure you've got an hour or two to kill, and visit the new site. On top of an extensive history of all the works former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna has been involved in (assembled by Commy and Soleh, no less), they've opened up a massive downloads section - including (my favorite) the Art Assets section - download promo photos, original album/poster/flyer/sticker artwork, fonts, whatever! And if you download Tweaker DIVX videos, MP3s, fonts, really like them, and still haven't bought the album, I've got a link for you.
I've got a bunch of cool stuff coming up (especially for those of you who've helped out in the past week!) and I hope you enjoy it.

Exclusive Free Charlie Clouser MP3 download

I am only about halfway through writing thank you emails and letters, and it's been a busy week beyond that. (thankyouthankyouthankyou) But I thought I'd take a break to share some recent news with you.
Propellerheads Software make a very cool pile of code called Reason - a software emulation of various synthesizers, drum machines, mixers, f/x, samplers, whatever, in a very efficient package. I'm a big fan of it myself. Charlie Clouser's always been a big Propellerheads software fan too, which leads me to the point - on the Reason info page, you can click on a link to hear samples of songs created using the software. At the top of the list, providing a refreshing break from the primarily dance oriented samples, is a song called Four Notes, written by Charlie Clouser, entirely on Reason (I assume). Cool song, well worth the download!
Jason sent in word that Charlie will be doing programming on the new Reach album, as well.
Thursday, 7/11/02

Hey you - I need your help again.

Every now and then, I do something crazy like ask for help with the cost of this website. Last time, it was a big t-shirt drive - a whole lot more hassle than I expected (I'm really bad at mailing things out), but I made rent that month, so that was cool. Right now, I'm just flat out asking for money, because I really want to keep this page afloat, and I'm getting kind of sick of spaghetti and ramen.
This site has been running for three years without any kind of sponsorship - ducking buyouts, banner ad offers, and other such ugly things that could have made me a whole lot of money, but would have made this less of a site. To lay it out straight - hosting this site costs me roughly $600 a year - considering the bandwidth and traffic we do, I can only thank my web host for their generosity and patience.
Our stats show that we get approximately 5,000 unique viewers to this site (Contributing to a average page view count of ~16,000 daily) -- if everyone sent in $1, hell, if everyone sent me $0.50, you'll never have to worry about this site ever disappearing.
What do you get for your donation? Well, primarily - the NIN Hotline will stick around. At the moment, I don't have a lot to offer, but I'll put some nice rare NIN/Nothing stuff on a server for you to check out. Nothing illegal :) But there's a lot of stuff that collects on my hard drive that never gets around to see the light of day.
If you are interested in helping - you can send money via PayPal to If you prefer snail mail, I've never been very good at this privacy thing, so here's my name and address:
Matt Dunphy
154 E Constitution Ave #6
Spring Grove, PA 17362
Just as we never do anything with your information when we do contests and giveaways, you can rest assured that any of the information you send in this regard will remain private. Anyhow, thanks for visiting the site, and keep checking back for more information on Tapeworm, Doom III's soundtrack, and any upcoming Nine Inch Nails stuff.
Wednesday, 7/10/02

New images online and interview re-run

The official Tapeworm site has new images up of Trent, Danny, Josh, Atticus and Maynard taken over the last few months. You can view them here:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Thanks to Chris and Jon.
These images are also available on the mirror sites: tapewormband and tapewormmusic.
According to the New Orleans edition of "The New Music" there will be a re-run featuring an interview with Trent Reznor. Also, if you check The New Music site, the same three interview clips of Trent can be found.
SHOW #13-890
A I R D A T E S:
Citytv: Saturday, July 20, 2002
MuchMusic: Monday, July 22, 2002 Sunday, July 28, 2002
We kick off our New Orleans special with Nine Inch Nails guru Trent Reznor who has called the gothic city home for years. Though not exactly the most prolific of artists, (NIN have only released 3 studio albums since their 1989 debut Pretty Hate Machine), they are certainly one the most influential having single handedly brought industrial music to the masses. George spoke to Trent in his home studio, about the just where he felt he fit into the big picture as prepared the release of his live album And All That Could Have Been.
Thanks Em!

July Issue of's July issue is now online.

There's a continuation of the analysis of The Fragile, a look at the evolution of Nine Inch Nails and a profile on Clint Mansell. Check it out!