Thursday July 11, 2002

Hey you - I need your help again.

Every now and then, I do something crazy like ask for help with the cost of this website. Last time, it was a big t-shirt drive - a whole lot more hassle than I expected (I'm really bad at mailing things out), but I made rent that month, so that was cool. Right now, I'm just flat out asking for money, because I really want to keep this page afloat, and I'm getting kind of sick of spaghetti and ramen.

This site has been running for three years without any kind of sponsorship - ducking buyouts, banner ad offers, and other such ugly things that could have made me a whole lot of money, but would have made this less of a site. To lay it out straight - hosting this site costs me roughly $600 a year - considering the bandwidth and traffic we do, I can only thank my web host for their generosity and patience.

Our stats show that we get approximately 5,000 unique viewers to this site (Contributing to a average page view count of ~16,000 daily) -- if everyone sent in $1, hell, if everyone sent me $0.50, you'll never have to worry about this site ever disappearing.

What do you get for your donation? Well, primarily - the NIN Hotline will stick around. At the moment, I don't have a lot to offer, but I'll put some nice rare NIN/Nothing stuff on a server for you to check out. Nothing illegal :) But there's a lot of stuff that collects on my hard drive that never gets around to see the light of day.

If you are interested in helping - you can send money via PayPal to levithnt@nfdc.net. If you prefer snail mail, I've never been very good at this privacy thing, so here's my name and address:

Matt Dunphy
154 E Constitution Ave #6
Spring Grove, PA 17362

Just as we never do anything with your information when we do contests and giveaways, you can rest assured that any of the information you send in this regard will remain private. Anyhow, thanks for visiting the site, and keep checking back for more information on Tapeworm, Doom III's soundtrack, and any upcoming Nine Inch Nails stuff.