Thursday July 18, 2002

Miscellaneous Web Highlights

Did anyone else notice that there's a page up at nothingstudios.com? And did anyone notice the butt plug on the first photo posted at Tapeworm.net? Godzilla and a basketball also make appearences in rather odd places. These oddities were noted by a bunch of the folks over at SLS Forums.

Fall-Apart.net underwent some major revamping in the last month or so. There's a lot of cool stuff there, so if you haven't checked it out before, now is a good time.

Nine Inch Nails Chat . Com opened up recently, and don't let the domain name fool you - there's a lot more than just chat here. They even implemented a site skinning feature I was hoping to put together for this site, but never had time to do. Hop on over there and check out what's going on, be sure to log in and say hi.

ninchat.com actually emailed me around the same time as nineinchnailschat.com - while similar in domain name choices, they are separate entities. Be sure and check out what they've got to offer as well.

Oh, and if you haven't been to Tweaker.net since the site very quietly upgraded to PHP and added a huuuuge archive, make sure you've got an hour or two to kill, and visit the new site. On top of an extensive history of all the works former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna has been involved in (assembled by Commy and Soleh, no less), they've opened up a massive downloads section - including (my favorite) the Art Assets section - download promo photos, original album/poster/flyer/sticker artwork, fonts, whatever! And if you download Tweaker DIVX videos, MP3s, fonts, really like them, and still haven't bought the album, I've got a link for you.

I've got a bunch of cool stuff coming up (especially for those of you who've helped out in the past week!) and I hope you enjoy it.