Thursday July 18, 2002

Exclusive Free Charlie Clouser MP3 download

I am only about halfway through writing thank you emails and letters, and it's been a busy week beyond that. (thankyouthankyouthankyou) But I thought I'd take a break to share some recent news with you.

Propellerheads Software make a very cool pile of code called Reason - a software emulation of various synthesizers, drum machines, mixers, f/x, samplers, whatever, in a very efficient package. I'm a big fan of it myself. Charlie Clouser's always been a big Propellerheads software fan too, which leads me to the point - on the Reason info page, you can click on a link to hear samples of songs created using the software. At the top of the list, providing a refreshing break from the primarily dance oriented samples, is a song called Four Notes, written by Charlie Clouser, entirely on Reason (I assume). Cool song, well worth the download!

Jason sent in word that Charlie will be doing programming on the new Reach album, as well.