Saturday, 9/29/01

CDnow adds synopsis of Closure DVD

Nate was browsing CDnow to see if there was anything NIN he didn't have just yet, and came across a synopsis for the mysterious Closure DVD release. While the synopsis itself doesn't say anything new or particularly interesting. The write-up does not necessarily suggest that the folks at CDnow have received a copy of the DVD, they could simply have paraphrased a press release. We'll keep our eyes and ears open as we grow closer to the projected release date of this DVD, apparently assembled without any artist involvement.

Audiogalaxy features Telefon Tel Aviv MP3

thewayoutisthrough sent us a little note about Audiogalaxy currently featuring Telefon Tel Aviv on their front page. Along with a confused but positive review of the album, you can download the title track as a 128kbit/sec MP3. Here's a snippet of the review:
Whether sprinkling their lush keyboard motifs with a post-rock guitar, a chopped breakbeat or a dash of Mantronix style electro, influences and emulations are hinted at and slyly gestured towards but never aped nor announced in a self-conscious scream. This is lushly detached digital-melodic glitch-soul, and it is very pretty indeed.
You can read the whole thing directly at this address, although beware disparaging remarks from the reviewer about NIN. Be nice! This link may expire soon, but you will still be able to download the track if you search for Telefon Tel Aviv on anytime afterwards.
Thursday, 9/27/01

In-depth Tweaker interview

The David Sylvian fan website has an exclusive, detailed interview with Chris Vrenna regarding all things Tweaker.
I view my music as melancholy ambient rock. It has lots of influences because I'm influenced by about anything, so there's a little bit of hip-hop, little bits of ambient electronic and little bits of heavy metal and little bits of everything, kind of thrown together that hopefully is conveying emotions. My primary goal was to do instrumental music that hopefully could convey a story and an emotion at the same time, taking it one step further than simple doing experimental music just for the sound of it's sake.
It's such a good interview, my plans to ask for an interview no longer seem very necessary. Click here to check out the interview. Thanks for the link, Saff! :)

Object Merchandise News

If you're signed up to the Object mailing list, you should have a new email in your inbox, if not now then soon. If you're not - here's a run-down of some of the news from the company that distributes NIN and Nothing artist merch.
New artists have been added to the Object roster, including Coil, who are planning a tour in Fall 2002 to coincide with the release of their long-delayed album release on nothing, tentatively titled backwards. Also look for stuff from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, New Order, and Murder City Devils on object.
Look also for new designs from existing Object artists. Orbital, Amen, Digital Hardcore Recordings, the Orb, G. Love & the Special Sauce, nothing and object all have new designs to check out.
Tuesday, 9/25/01

Cool tidbit

From the September 19,2001 Buffalo News. (Page D-7)
Buffalo Hall of Fame to Induct Class of '01
Dr. Robert (Bob) Moog. -Numerous rock bands can thank Moog for creating the first line of electronic synthesizers in the 1960's. The former Williamsville resident received Sweden's prestigious Polar Music Prize in May.
Thanks Angel.
Saturday, 9/22/01

More news on closure DVD

This bit of news was sent along to anyone owning an email account at

Just to let everyone know that the long awaited DVD from NINE INCH NAILS "CLOSURE" will be available for shipment NOVEMBER 16. According to our distributer, the dvd may contain some extra footage, and has been remastered better from the original double video set. We will be shipping these to our customers if all goes well to be on your doorstep the day of the release. While other online stores carry thousands of bands, our emphasis is on getting this product to you as fast as the system will allow. The price of the DVD is 28.99 and it can be preordered from anywhere in the world at We will let you know of any updates/changes to this dvd as we get word.
Wednesday, 9/19/01

Tweaker online

The official website for Tweaker is online with all kinds of good stuff for fans. The album The Attraction to All Things Uncertain is also now in stores- so go pick up a copy! For more information about Tweaker, don't forget to visit Thanks Brent.
Monday, 9/17/01

The plot thickens!


No Closure for NIN fans? Trimark recently announced 11/6 retail date for the long-in-coming Nine Inch Nails video compilation Closure, though we've received word from the official NIN website that someone may have forgotten to tell Trent Reznor about it. Retailers are already taking preorders for this title, and you NIN fans may want to plop down the plastic with caution (though we've received no word of any sort of official cancellation or postponement).

Assuming Mr. Reznor is not involved with this release, which may sound odd to some, such a situation is not unheard of. Unlike theatrical features, and the arguably stricter DGA and SAG rules governing home video releases, it is becomingly more common these days for music artists to be unaware that a title is being issued or reissued on DVD. (And so it happened recently with two recently announced U2 and Tori Amos releases, which were quickly and indefinitely postponed pending "artist involvement").

Pending further information from the NIN folks, take that as you will.
Saturday, 9/15/01

No Closure DVD

Despite the blatant lies being perpetrated on various internet web-sites, we have received word from an official source that the news of a Closure DVD release is not true. Maybe someday, though...
Friday, 9/14/01

A few tour dates canceled.

Telefon Tel Aviv and fellow Hefty record label bands have canceled a few tour dates in light of Tuesday's tragedy. Please visit the Hefty site for further information. We hear that the MidWest dates are still on and the South will be rescheduled.

Tweaker review

In the new issue of Outburn you can read a review of the new Tweaker album, The Attraction to All Things Uncertain. Here is a brief excerpt of the mostly favorable review:
The album is split two-thirds instrumental experimentation and one-third straight up alterno-rock. Overall, Tweaker is most potent on the instrumental cuts where Vrenna cracks his knuckles, deftly twiddles knobs,and coaxes out expressive, digital soundscapes that engage the listener and escape the pitfall of much instrumental music in which the songs become the equivalent of audio wallpaper. You won't find minute after minute of the same techno drum loop or vast unlistenable wastelands of experimental detritus.
Thanks Jinni.
Sunday, 9/09/01

New NIN merchandise coming this way

We got a few graphics of some new NIN shirts from noiseunit9 . One of the shirts is for the recent NIN single, Deep, whilst the other features a shot of Trent silhouetted by the Jumbotron screens from the Fragility tour. These aren't quite available for order anywhere yet, but we may see them on Object or in the near future. Click on the thumbnails here to view a higher resolution image.
Saturday, 9/08/01

Telefon Tel Aviv album, tour

We received a good bit of information about the debut release from Telefon Tel Aviv, who've done remix work with Danny Lohner for Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle. Naturally, we're passing the good stuff on to you. So read up on where they're touring, and how you can pick up this much anticipated release.
Thursday, 9/06/01

Press release mentions NIN remix

We were sent this press release...
The Touchstone film "New Port South" will open in 3 Midwestern markets, (Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis), on Friday, September, 7th. New Port South was directed by Kyle Cooper. In 1995, Cooper gained international recognition with his main title sequence for the film, Se7en. He is one of the founders of the Los Angeles design firm, Imaginary Forces, and is considered one of America's premier motion graphic designers.
The score for New Port South was performed by Hefty Records artists Telefon Tel Aviv who were recently featured on the Nine Inch Nails remix EP, Things Falling Apart. The film also features original music by Scott Herren (aka Prefuse 73, Warp Records), John Hughes (aka Slicker, Hefty Records), and Richard Devine (Warp Records). Additionally, the film features an unreleased Nail Inch Nails[sic] remix by Telefon Tel Aviv of "Even Deeper".
We will update you on any news on Telefon Tel Aviv and NIN related projects as we can. Make sure you get a copy of their debut album "Fahrenheit Fair Enough". It will be released September 18th, but we hear you'll be able to pre-order a copy sooner. Make sure to catch TTA on tour this Fall. Stay tuned!
Thursday, 9/06/01

DHS update

Go visit the newly renovated Dead Hand System site. There are new music clips, interactive sections, and news updates on their upcoming album and tour dates. Nigel let us know he was updating it last night and they're working hard to fix any bugs. If you remember the band members, Nigel, Doug and Marcus, contributed to The Fragile as part of the Buddha Boys Choir and Nigel helped work on Clint Mansell's Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. DHS' solo work is fantastic- so check it out!