Saturday September 29, 2001

Audiogalaxy features Telefon Tel Aviv MP3

thewayoutisthrough sent us a little note about Audiogalaxy currently featuring Telefon Tel Aviv on their front page. Along with a confused but positive review of the album, you can download the title track as a 128kbit/sec MP3. Here's a snippet of the review:

Whether sprinkling their lush keyboard motifs with a post-rock guitar, a chopped breakbeat or a dash of Mantronix style electro, influences and emulations are hinted at and slyly gestured towards but never aped nor announced in a self-conscious scream. This is lushly detached digital-melodic glitch-soul, and it is very pretty indeed.

You can read the whole thing directly at this address, although beware disparaging remarks from the reviewer about NIN. Be nice! This link may expire soon, but you will still be able to download the track if you search for Telefon Tel Aviv on anytime afterwards.