Thursday September 6, 2001

Press release mentions NIN remix

We were sent this press release...

The Touchstone film "New Port South" will open in 3 Midwestern markets, (Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis), on Friday, September, 7th. New Port South was directed by Kyle Cooper. In 1995, Cooper gained international recognition with his main title sequence for the film, Se7en. He is one of the founders of the Los Angeles design firm, Imaginary Forces, and is considered one of America's premier motion graphic designers.

The score for New Port South was performed by Hefty Records artists Telefon Tel Aviv who were recently featured on the Nine Inch Nails remix EP, Things Falling Apart. The film also features original music by Scott Herren (aka Prefuse 73, Warp Records), John Hughes (aka Slicker, Hefty Records), and Richard Devine (Warp Records). Additionally, the film features an unreleased Nail Inch Nails[sic] remix by Telefon Tel Aviv of "Even Deeper".

We will update you on any news on Telefon Tel Aviv and NIN related projects as we can. Make sure you get a copy of their debut album "Fahrenheit Fair Enough". It will be released September 18th, but we hear you'll be able to pre-order a copy sooner. Make sure to catch TTA on tour this Fall. Stay tuned!