Monday September 17, 2001

The plot thickens!


No Closure for NIN fans? Trimark recently announced 11/6 retail date for the long-in-coming Nine Inch Nails video compilation Closure, though we've received word from the official NIN website that someone may have forgotten to tell Trent Reznor about it. Retailers are already taking preorders for this title, and you NIN fans may want to plop down the plastic with caution (though we've received no word of any sort of official cancellation or postponement).

Assuming Mr. Reznor is not involved with this release, which may sound odd to some, such a situation is not unheard of. Unlike theatrical features, and the arguably stricter DGA and SAG rules governing home video releases, it is becomingly more common these days for music artists to be unaware that a title is being issued or reissued on DVD. (And so it happened recently with two recently announced U2 and Tori Amos releases, which were quickly and indefinitely postponed pending "artist involvement").

Pending further information from the NIN folks, take that as you will.