Monday, 4/30/01

Charlie Clouser news

Our friend Morpheus_TechnoPagan dropped us a note saying Charlie has completed a few new projects. Stop by The Remix Files 'News' section for info concerning these projects and future gear sales on Ebay.
Saturday, 4/28/01

Deep Lyrics

The newest Nine Inch Nails song, Deep, is in heavy rotation on several radio stations in the US. So here are the lyrics. Thanks to John Rubke and several others for their transcription efforts, we feel pretty confident to say that these are the correct lyrics.

Trent drops a clue; New website discovered

After Trent's ambiguous post to nin:access earlier this evening, Julio and Matt came across this website with the domain name "andallthatcouldhavebeen."
No one is really sure what the site means at this point and time. So far, the only connection that's been made is the line "and all that could have been" as well as the live image (one of the LCD backdrops during the Fragility v2.0 tour) on the site are from The Great Below.
This possibility forms a theory: "And All That Could Have Been" is the title for the upcoming CD/DVD/VHS live release that Trent and the guys have been working on. There is no confirmation on this yet, but keep your eyes peeled for more info on the DVD here and on
Friday, 4/27/01

K-ROCK plays Deep, Trent posts to;

Christina sent us a note saying that she heard Deep on KROCK around 7-7:30pm tonight. One of the DJs, Kain, commented that it reminded him of Suck.
Also, trent posted a brief, enigmatic post to nin:access. Subject: nine inch nails live:, message body: and all that could have been. Make of that what you will.

K-ROCK in New York to play Deep tonite?

d.abel sent us word that the New York City area radio station K-ROCK is promoting a world premiere release of a new NIN track tonight. They haven't mentioned the name of the track, but if it's new NIN, it's probably Deep. Keep in mind: We've only had one email about this so far - it very well could be a rumor, and be wary of radio station jokes. (see also: No schism in Oklahoma)

KROQ in Los Angeles previews Deep

According to sweetest_price on nin:access, the LA area radio station KROQ played a five second snippet of the new Nine Inch Nails track:
This morning on the radio, they were promoting the premiere of the song. They played a short, short clip. Sounded like the lyrics went:
the day fades away
like a memory
Sounded good, but "hard". I think I'm going to miss the fragile Trent....

As we hear more info about this, we'll continue to update this post. For what it's worth, KROQ is the same station that leaked The Perfect Drug several months before its release.

Jerome Dillon project updates

Linanne from has received news on Jerome's current project in Los Angeles and more. Visit the site for everything you ever wanted to know about NIN's drummer.
Thanks to Linanne.
Thursday, 4/26/01

Keith Hillebrandt comments on Switchblade Symphony

This posting is from the discussion boards.
"Hey, I've been asked a bit about this remix that is coming out of a Switchblade Symphony track Dissolve. This is not a current remix, in fact I did it at least a year before I even met Trent making it about 5 years old, so don't expect much. I don't really even remember what it sounds like! However, Tina and Susan are still good friends of mine and I encourage everyone to support them!"
Information on the upcoming Switchblade Symphony album can be found here.
Tuesday, 4/24/01

Tomb Raider Soundtrack Details

We got this press release from Elektra regarding the Tomb Raider soundtrack, which features a brand new track, "Deep", by NIN. According to the official press release, Deep is slated for a release to radio in the middle of May. The press release also includes the track listing for the soundtrack, which is notably missing any material by A Perfect Circle, contrary to what was mentioned on APC's official newsletter earlier this month.
Monday, 4/23/01

Tips from former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna

At the Store Bought Lies website there is an exclusive article on syncing live drums to electronic instruments written by former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna. The article can be found here.
Thanks to PigBoy.
Saturday, 4/21/01

Hillebrandt remix on Switchblade Symphony album

The Cleopatra Records website has listed an upcoming remix album from Switchblade Symphony called "Sinister Nostalgia". The album lists Keith Hillebrandt's remix as the eighth track "Dissolve". There will also be a remix of the song "Naked Birthday" done by the band called Nine Inch Elvis.
Thanks to Ageless Stranger.

Trent comments on upcoming projects

"A lot of people have been asking about 'deep', the track for the upcoming film 'Tomb Raider'. This is an entirely new track that was just recorded for this project. There will be more news regarding the upcoming multi-format live release this coming week. Meanwhile, I'm working on finishing a new (and very different) nine inch nails record over the next few months."
Watch for updates in the Current section of
Friday, 4/20/01

Down with fake files on Napster!

Just a quick note - someone is passing off an electronic/guitar-driven track as "Deep" by Nine Inch Nails. If you see anyone with this track, do us all a favor and ask them to rename or delete it, to keep confusion down. Thanks for the heads-up, John!
UPDATE: Turns out, the track being passed around still has it's original ID3 tag, it's song by Mr. Moth called Everybody Wants to Fuck. It should be noted, Mr. Moth is not responsible for the misnomer; So don't get all nasty on him over this ;) Thanks for the insight, PaT_MaN & Majestic (neither of whom are responsible for initiating the false circulation)
Wednesday, 4/18/01

Another snippet about 'Deep' on USA Today

A small article titled Artists make tracks to 'Tomb' located in the "Music" section of contains a tidbit mentioning NIN's contribution to the "Tomb Raider" soundtrack. Here's the little bit concerning Trent/NIN:

    Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, a longtime video-game addict, screened several scenes before writing and performing Deep, slated for a mid-May release as the second single.

...and a thought from the producer of the soundtrack:
    "We needed songs that worked thematically and captured the high-intensity vibe and darkness," says soundtrack producer John Kirkpatrick of Elektra.

Also, rumored to appear on the soundtrack is a Danny Lohner remix by A Perfect Circle (who accompanied NIN on their Fragility tour) according to the APC mailing list.
Monday, 4/16/01 undergoes a new makeover

Jane (alias Venus) is proud to admit that she's finally completed the latest redesign for
The site offers plenty of new features including an exclusive store featuring high quality digital art prints on matted board for purchase at $19.99. For more details, click here.
Check out all the latest updates for at this address to discover new features and arrivals. Jane would like to send appreciation out to all her supporters!

'Deep' expected to hit radio first week of May

Under's "current" section, a post was made recently confirming that the track Deep is, in fact, official. Here's what the post had to say:

    4.16.01 A new song from Nine Inch Nails titled "Deep" will appear on the soundtrack for the film "Tomb Raider." The song was written, arranged, and performed by Trent, with production by Trent and Alan Moulder. Expect it to hit radio stations the first week in May, and watch here for more details in the coming weeks...
    Meanwhile, Trent met with David Carson over the weekend to discuss DVD artwork and packaging. More news on NIN's upcomimg live CD/DVD/VHS is expected very soon...

New NIN track 'Deep' on Tomb Raider sndtrk.

The Hollywood Reporter posted this article yesterday with details about the soundtrack to the up and coming Tomb Raider movie. The article states that Nine Inch Nails will be contributing a new track, entitled Deep, to the Elektra Records CD. Additional tracks include a fresh remix of U2's Elevation, and new tracks by Outkast, Delerium, Moby, and a collaboration between Missy Elliot & Nelly Furtado. Thanks to janesaddiction's post on PI for pointing me in the proper direction!
In a post by Greg Gaz to a thread in the Perfect Isolation board, it is noted U2 and NIN as the video game character's favorite bands in the Lara Croft Style Sheet, which may suggest that the producers of the film's soundtrack went to some length to secure new material from said bands.
In addition to this soundtrack, the film's original score is to be produced by Fatboy Slim.
Sources: Perfect Isolation, SLSnews, The Hollywood Reporter
Tuesday, 4/10/01

New weekly NIN newsletter

In a joint effort between and The NIN Hotline, we are proud to provide a new way to get your NIN fix. The Newsletter is a free, e-mail based weekly newsletter chock full o' NIN stuff.
Within the newsletter, a summary of Nine Inch Nails news news derived from Hotline reports, reminders of upcoming things to watch for & ongoing projects, a random site of the week, random NIN related eBay auction of the week, and plenty more.
For more information, as well as instructions on the simple subscription process, check out
Friday, 4/06/01

New Robin Finck Fan Site Opens

A new site dedicated to former Nine Inch Nails guitarist, Robin Finck, has opened up. The site has a massive amount of information about the man, including an in-depth bio, videos, pictures and all the latest news on Fincks work with Guns and Roses and more. Check out to see the rest.
Wednesday, 4/04/01

Sick Among the Pure redesign, new issue online

April's issue of Sick Among the Pure has gone live with a fresh new look, and a new batch of articles from their talented staff.
Along with a reader explaining his change of heart about Nine Inch Nails, a lesson on playing Hurt, some perspective on collecting, and another installment of Carr's The Beautiful Liar, we've got a review of (which can boast more oldschool cred than almost any other NIN site out there), and an interview with webmaster Jay DeBard. Lots of good reading folks. Don't forget the back issues and other features within the site!
Plenty to keep you busy as we wait for news to kick back up :)

What's new with Charlie Clouser

Charlie has finally cleaned out his room of gear and it's for sale on ebay starting now! Search for these items with keywords in the item description or by seller ID gear4sale to place a bid. Keep checking under seller gear4sale, because more items will be online soon.
The gear is being sold by a professional studio, and has been cleaned and checked before packing. It is assumed that the potential purchasers know what the items are and what they do, so they should not contact Nothing Studios for detailed product information or questions as to whether this would be the right piece for your setup. Check Harmonycentral or Sonicstate instead for detailed product info, links, and user reviews.
Also- in the coming weeks, Charlie Clouser will be remixing tracks by "Foetus" and "Schwein". "Schwein" is a new band featuring Raymond Watts ("Pig"), Sasha Konietzko ("KMFDM") and the Japanese band "Buck-Tick". There is still no information concerning the release dates/format of these two remixes. Thanks to Morpheus TechnoPagan.

NIN mentioned in the Crow Collector's Series DVD

An interesting little piece of info was discussed on "The Crow" Collector's Series DVD which just came out. On the commentary track, Jeff Most (the producer) talks at length about the soundtrack and mentions interest in having Curve and NIN for the two featured bands in the movie. However, somewhere in between talks and actual filming something couldn't come together which Jeff doesn't mention. Here's the related bit of info regarding Trent Reznor and NIN.
    "We were looking for one female fronted band and one male fronted band. The male fronted band which appears in the film is Thrill Kill Kult, was originally committed to be Trent Reznor, and his band NIN, was actually the first person I ever spoke to or should say artists I approached to do a song for The Crow."

Source: Slaw