Wednesday April 18, 2001

Another snippet about 'Deep' on USA Today

A small article titled Artists make tracks to 'Tomb' located in the "Music" section of usatoday.com contains a tidbit mentioning NIN's contribution to the "Tomb Raider" soundtrack. Here's the little bit concerning Trent/NIN:

    Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, a longtime video-game addict, screened several scenes before writing and performing Deep, slated for a mid-May release as the second single.

...and a thought from the producer of the soundtrack:

    "We needed songs that worked thematically and captured the high-intensity vibe and darkness," says soundtrack producer John Kirkpatrick of Elektra.

Also, rumored to appear on the soundtrack is a Danny Lohner remix by A Perfect Circle (who accompanied NIN on their Fragility tour) according to the APC mailing list.