Monday April 16, 2001

New NIN track 'Deep' on Tomb Raider sndtrk.

The Hollywood Reporter posted this article yesterday with details about the soundtrack to the up and coming Tomb Raider movie. The article states that Nine Inch Nails will be contributing a new track, entitled Deep, to the Elektra Records CD. Additional tracks include a fresh remix of U2's Elevation, and new tracks by Outkast, Delerium, Moby, and a collaboration between Missy Elliot & Nelly Furtado. Thanks to janesaddiction's post on PI for pointing me in the proper direction!

In a post by Greg Gaz to a thread in the Perfect Isolation board, it is noted U2 and NIN as the video game character's favorite bands in the Lara Croft Style Sheet, which may suggest that the producers of the film's soundtrack went to some length to secure new material from said bands.

In addition to this soundtrack, the film's original score is to be produced by Fatboy Slim.

Sources: Perfect Isolation, SLSnews, The Hollywood Reporter