Wednesday April 4, 2001

What's new with Charlie Clouser

Charlie has finally cleaned out his room of gear and it's for sale on ebay starting now! Search for these items with keywords in the item description or by seller ID gear4sale to place a bid. Keep checking under seller gear4sale, because more items will be online soon.

The gear is being sold by a professional studio, and has been cleaned and checked before packing. It is assumed that the potential purchasers know what the items are and what they do, so they should not contact Nothing Studios for detailed product information or questions as to whether this would be the right piece for your setup. Check Harmonycentral or Sonicstate instead for detailed product info, links, and user reviews.

Also- in the coming weeks, Charlie Clouser will be remixing tracks by "Foetus" and "Schwein". "Schwein" is a new band featuring Raymond Watts ("Pig"), Sasha Konietzko ("KMFDM") and the Japanese band "Buck-Tick". There is still no information concerning the release dates/format of these two remixes. Thanks to Morpheus TechnoPagan.