Tuesday, 12/31/19

DAT recording of final performance of TNIN surfaces on

Last night, NIN Live shared some very interesting news on Twitter. I took screenshots, because like anything on the internet, one day Twitter will go away and all those embedded tweets will vanish with it if you don't preserve them yourselves:

The Nine Inch Nails Final Performance

This morning, there was a follow-up thread with a setlist and a link to the DAT rip, with additional background information. THNINCHNAILS TR HSTRY site should update soon with additional information, and already has a placeholder page for the concert.

Unfortunately, through years of neglect, the DAT appears to be heavily damaged, and Ryan at NIN Live is having trouble ripping the audio, but the posted FLAC includes 14 choppy minutes of audio from the TNIN show, and if you listen carefully, both Peter Christopherson's work and Peter Murphy's singing do make it through, as well as the abrupt ending mentioned in the deluxe edition of TH MNHTTN PRJCT. NIN Live suggests running the audio through your EDS filter to better recover the original recording.

Naturally, members of the NIN community are already going through spectral analysis of the damaged DAT.
Spectral analysis of the FLAC file on NIN live

So far, no one's sifted out any clues from that approach.
Wednesday, 12/18/19

Nine Inch Nails graces the cover of January 2020 issue of Revolver

Hotline Imaged1stinct on ETS shared that Revolver is featuring NIN on the cover of their first print issue of 2020.

Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have collaborated on eight released film scores, two TV scores and the last six NIN albums, a 15-year partnership that combines atmosphere and melody, ambience and noise. They've won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a Grammy and — in an improbable turn of events — a Country Music Association Award. The two could be basking in their success; instead, they're busier than ever. We met up with them at Reznor's new studio for a deep dive into the past, present and future of one of rock and electronic music's most revolutionary forces.

Looks to be featuring a lot of new photography from Kraw, too. Since bookstores and newsstands are harder and harder to come by, if you want a print copy, it might just be easiest to order directly from Revolver.
Monday, 12/16/19

Merch from an alternate universe

Head over to The Nine Inch Nails online shop for the best looking merch from a The Nine Inch Nails album you can get.

Hotline Image

To celebrate the release of the 2019 Definitive Archive Edition of THE NINE INCH NAILS' final album “THE MANHATTAN PROJECT" on vinyl, we are reprinting a few classic designs from the era. This is the first time this shirt has been in print since the album was recorded in 2001 and will only be available for a limited time.

I thought the null logo was a nice touch.

Also available in the Objects category, Blue Sunday, "Imported directly from M-SITE 11/3/85/UK, this premium grade collection of exotic blue matter." Good luck getting that shipped to you though!
Friday, 12/13/19

TH MNHTTN PRJCT (+appendage)

Appearing on doorsteps around the US (and in apparently in at least one record shop in Toronto) is the third and final installment of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' score for HBO's Watchmen, which is presented as an in-universe release by THE NINE INCH NAILS called "The Manhattan Project" and the packaging and presentation is pretty fantastic. As with the previous two releases, Scott Wampler at Birth.Movies.Death takes a look at what's inside. Spoilers, obviously - and don't get too excited about the track titles. The album art is from another timeline, but the grooves on the record are music from the HBO score, not a lost Nine Inch Nails album.


But the story's not quite over yet. Scoring a television show is a chaotic affair, as is releasing a record, and sometimes, interleaving deadlines create interesting situations:


You will notice there are a few tracks on the digital release that are not included on the vinyl. The simple truth of the matter is vinyl has a long lead time to manufacture and we weren't completely finished scoring the later episodes when the deadline came (and… Damon kept throwing things at us last minute!).

So, here’s a link to the tracks that aren’t included on the vinyl:


Also - one of the tracks on vinyl (LET HIM RIDE) is only available on vinyl.

Thanks for checking this out - we had a lot of fun working on Watchmen (and creating our own alternate history!)



These additional tracks will eventually appear on streaming services, but because the Watchmen vinyl releases don't have download codes (there are a lot of factors at play in that regard, relax), and because you can't deploy patch releases from the cloud to 180gm vinyl, this is here to make sure that those who bought the vinyl are getting all the music.

Have a great weekend!
Thursday, 12/12/19

1991 Now I'm Nothing/Terrible Lie video update

I came across a unique item on eBay last week, a huge print of Richard Patrick and Trent Reznor with the lyrics to Now I'm Nothing scrawled across half of the photo. Having not seen that before, and not ready to spend $1200 on the poster (sorry!), I asked if I could get a clearer photo of what was on there.

The seller responded in a way that suggested that he interpreted me as having questioned the authenticity of the photo, and in his reply, gave some history behind having worked with the band, and invited me to check out his YouTube channel, where I saw a thumbnail for a familiar video.

I'd first seen this clip on a revamped TVT Records microsite about Nine Inch Nails in the early 2000s - I think it was in Quicktime format, and it still had timecodes overlaying the video, and there were interview clips cut in and out of the footage, but it was some of the clearest pro-shot video from the Lollapalooza tour I'd seen. This clip would later resurface on a leaked DVD cut of Closure, and in 2010 around the time Pretty Hate Machine got a reissue, the footage was part of a montage uploaded to Vimeo as NIN Live: 1989-1991.

Still, I clicked on it, and as I watched, it occurred to me that the fidelity of the recording was just a bit better than what I'd seen before. Initially I compared it to other YouTube clips, which showed that this was dramatically higher quality, but even comparing it to the Vimeo upload, there's detail in the grain that's not there in the officially released footage. Setting the videos up side-by-side in Vegas, it became apparent that there were a handful of quick alternate cuts, too.

That's because the person selling this photo, and who uploaded this video, is the director Maxwell Hudson, who shot a lot of footage of Nine Inch Nails in the early years. Max has been hesitant to say much more, and is probably weary of me, a rando, asking him about what I'm asking him about, so rather than keep it all under my hat, check out that eBay auction photo, and enjoy the video below.

If I learn anything else worth sharing, I'll let you know here.

Tuesday, 12/03/19

Yes, there is.

I haven't been able to put into words yet how incredible the Watchmen series has been so far, so I'll let TR + AR's version of David Bowie's "Life On Mars?" do the talking for me. I'm planning on doing some sort of write-up once the season has wrapped up so until then, enjoy.