Wednesday December 18, 2019

Nine Inch Nails graces the cover of January 2020 issue of Revolver

Hotline Imaged1stinct on ETS shared that Revolver is featuring NIN on the cover of their first print issue of 2020.

Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have collaborated on eight released film scores, two TV scores and the last six NIN albums, a 15-year partnership that combines atmosphere and melody, ambience and noise. They've won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a Grammy and — in an improbable turn of events — a Country Music Association Award. The two could be basking in their success; instead, they're busier than ever. We met up with them at Reznor's new studio for a deep dive into the past, present and future of one of rock and electronic music's most revolutionary forces.

Looks to be featuring a lot of new photography from Kraw, too. Since bookstores and newsstands are harder and harder to come by, if you want a print copy, it might just be easiest to order directly from Revolver.