Tuesday December 31, 2019

DAT recording of final performance of TNIN surfaces on ninlive.com

Last night, NIN Live shared some very interesting news on Twitter. I took screenshots, because like anything on the internet, one day Twitter will go away and all those embedded tweets will vanish with it if you don't preserve them yourselves:

The Nine Inch Nails Final Performance

This morning, there was a follow-up thread with a setlist and a link to the DAT rip, with additional background information. THNINCHNAILS TR HSTRY site should update soon with additional information, and already has a placeholder page for the concert.

Unfortunately, through years of neglect, the DAT appears to be heavily damaged, and Ryan at NIN Live is having trouble ripping the audio, but the posted FLAC includes 14 choppy minutes of audio from the TNIN show, and if you listen carefully, both Peter Christopherson's work and Peter Murphy's singing do make it through, as well as the abrupt ending mentioned in the deluxe edition of TH MNHTTN PRJCT. NIN Live suggests running the audio through your EDS filter to better recover the original recording.

Naturally, members of the NIN community are already going through spectral analysis of the damaged DAT.
Spectral analysis of the FLAC file on NIN live

So far, no one's sifted out any clues from that approach.