Friday, 9/21/12

How To Destroy Angels EP + LP announced

How To Destroy AngelsTrent Reznor made the announcement on Facebook, attached to a promotional photo of the band. Almost simultaneously, the HTDA Twitter account and official website updated with new visuals, and a link to the Facebook post.

Today's news is about my band How To Destroy Angels. I'm happy to announce we've formally partnered with Columbia Records for our next series of releases. The first of these will be available in November and it's called An Omen EP. As you may have guessed, it's an EP. It contains six songs, some of which are from our full-length LP which is coming early next year.
We are making some videos, we are going to be performing live, and that's all the details I have for now on those matters.

The EP, titled "An Omen", is available for pre-order on Amazon for $18.72, where it's listed with a November 13 release date. According to Pitchfork, the release is only available on vinyl and digital download - there will be no CD for this EP. SoundStageDirect has the track listing (and the wrong cover art, taken from the previous EP).
How to Destroy Angels
Wednesday, 9/12/12

An evening with David Byrne and Trent Reznor

We are a bit late on reporting this but Trent Reznor will appear with David Byrne at Aratani/ Japan America Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, October 14, 2012 8:00 PM.

The description for the event says:
Legendary musician and raconteur David Byrne joins fellow musician Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) to explore the joy, the physics, the history, and the business of making music on the occasion of Byrne's new book, How Music Works.

Tickets are sold out.

More info here:

Thanks to Manuel Marquez for submitting this event.

Bill Kennedy has died

Bill Kennedy, who worked on Broken and The Downward Spiral albums has died at the age of 49.

As a sound engineer and mixer, the Edmonton, Canada native worked on Nine Inch Nails' 1992 industrial-rock EP, "Broken" and jokingly was credited as 'The Kill Bennedy' by Trent Reznor.

Thanks to Mikey Faulkner for submitting this.
Wednesday, 9/12/12

Musical Memories with Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor is featured in a 27 second musical memory to promote Dave Grohl's documentary Sound City. According to NIN-ARMY on Facebook, the film is "a homage to the famous LA recording studio of the same name."

Watch the musical memory below or on the Sound City website:

Tuesday, 9/04/12

The Wretched (version) as backdrop to Hansel & Gretel

...Witch Hunters. You can watch the trailer at or if you think Quicktime sucks, check out the version with Spanish subtitles up on Youtube. Most of the last half of the trailer heavily features Keith Hillebrandt's remix of The Wretched that can be found on the remix album Things Falling Apart. Thanks to Wendy, Chris and Steve for sending that in!

Those Reznors in Super Mario World "are absolutely named after Trent Reznor"

Hotline ImageWhat seemed like strange coincidence is finally confirmed as a wholly legitimate connection. In a wonderfully subversive subliminal move by Dayvv Brooks was working for Nintendo of America in 1991 when he named the characters after Trent Reznor - a fact he confirmed to Mariowiki on July 18 this year in their entry for the creatures. (Sourced shamelessly from Rob Sheridan's twitter)

Sound On Sound goes "Classic Tracks" on Closer

Many of my favorite audio-nerd reads have been from the pages of UK magazine Sound on Sound - or at least, on their incredible website, chock full of archived articles covering all sorts of gear, recording techniques, and behind the scenes stories on the making of some of my favorite music. So I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across the news that Richard Buskin talks technique with Sean Beavan, primarily about recording Closer, but with insights into the making of The Downward Spiral, which somehow still manages to be my favorite album of all time.

Right now, they're only showing a preview of the full article, but I dropped the $2 on the PDF, because instant gratification rarely comes so cheaply, and for all the SOS articles and reviews I've read, two bucks really was the least I could do. It's a very insightful read, but if you're patient and don't want to shell out, they'll probably put the whole thing on their Classic Tracks online archive one day.