Tuesday September 4, 2012

Sound On Sound goes "Classic Tracks" on Closer

Many of my favorite audio-nerd reads have been from the pages of UK magazine Sound on Sound - or at least, on their incredible website, chock full of archived articles covering all sorts of gear, recording techniques, and behind the scenes stories on the making of some of my favorite music. So I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across the news that Richard Buskin talks technique with Sean Beavan, primarily about recording Closer, but with insights into the making of The Downward Spiral, which somehow still manages to be my favorite album of all time.

Right now, they're only showing a preview of the full article, but I dropped the $2 on the PDF, because instant gratification rarely comes so cheaply, and for all the SOS articles and reviews I've read, two bucks really was the least I could do. It's a very insightful read, but if you're patient and don't want to shell out, they'll probably put the whole thing on their Classic Tracks online archive one day.