Thursday, 5/27/10

HTDA: CD, Vinyl, Tshirts, posters, stickers, pre-orders

How to Destroy AngelsToday, it was announced on Twitter that their debut EP will be a free download on June 1st. Pre-ordering now gets you "The Believers" MP3 immediately. The How To Destroy Angels store just opened up, and though it is slammed at the moment, they're load-balancing the servers and you should be able to get an idea of what it looks like sooner than later. In the meantime, we found a link to the backend where you can pre-order without lag. And this would be that link. The hot commodity here will be the limited-to-120 hand-screenprinted tshirt package that's going for $50.
Tuesday, 5/25/10

Scrapped AATCHB/The Fragile art makes its way online

The FragileShortly after the release of The Fragile, David Carson published a book of his photos titled Fotografiks, and included in this colorful collection were some of the source images that would end up being used in artwork associated with the double album. A few years later, Carson published Trek, where he included photos of alternate covers (and titles) for what would come to be known as "And All That Could Have Been."

Well, as is inevitable, some of this work has been put online. trollmanen has posted scans at this Flickr set, and check out more of Carson's work at his website, where you can occasionally pick up proofs and posters direct from the designer himself. Carson is rumored to be involved with the upcoming 'very limited' version of The Fragile.
Monday, 5/24/10

Release date for How To Destroy Angels revealed

The folks at have looked into their surprisingly accurate crystal ball and have seen that How To Destroy Angels will be released July 6, 2010. You can pre-order the CD from Amazon for $6.98.
Friday, 5/21/10

Wired profiles the construction of HTDA's "The Believers"

In the June 2010 issue of Wired, Bryan Gardiner has a piece profiling what goes on in the studio during the making of a song by How to Destroy Angels. The text appears under a picture of Alan Moulder, Atticus Ross, Mariqueen, and Trent doing studio things in the studio.
Lots of musicians have studios; Trent Reznor has an alchemist’s laboratory. On hiatus from touring, the Nine Inch Nails frontman has stuffed a converted garage with blinking electronic doo-dads, from modded synthesizers and sequencers to archaic drum machines. Reznor is using all this gear for his new band, How to Destroy Angels. Here’s how one song off the group’s forthcoming EP evolved from a seeming cacophony of beats and weird noise into a dense, polyrhythmic track.

While I could certainly transcribe the rest of it, that wouldn't be especially fair to Bryan, so check it out at your nearest nin fan message board bookstore or newsstand.

Spin's 25th Anniversary Poll severely lacking in NIN content

SpinOver at, Spin magazine is celebrating their 25th Anniversary with radio buttons, checkboxes and text inputs! "Pick your favorite band, album, movie, and song of the SPIN era" reads the headline, and while you can select Nine Inch Nails as best band, The Downward Spiral as best album, and Trent Reznor for, uh, "Hottest Sex God," they're missing from "Best Live Act," which borders on absurd. There is, however, a write-in vote, and I encourage you to go and write them in as the best live act, if you get a few moments to fill this puppy out. They don't ask for an email address or anything, but they wisely added a captcha to potentially thwart script-kiddies from busting this poll.
Thursday, 5/20/10

id software to pursue Trent Reznor for Doom 4 sound?

Nine Inch Nails and id Software have had quite a history, going back to the NIN logo appearing in the overhead map of one of the levels on The Ultimate Doom back in 1995. In 1996, id Software released Quake, with a soundtrack credited to Nine Inch Nails, and with ammo boxes for the nail gun weapon bearing the NIN logo. I could continue to rehash the history, but then I'd take the air out of this article at zConnection, which similarly pads their story with history in order to fill out this basic bit of news:
While we’ve been told to expect no official news on Bethesda and id Software’s upcoming Doom 4 until QuakeCon 2010, which will take place from August 12 to August 15, a reliable source has informed us that id are attempting to sign on Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor as sound engineer for the project.

Emphasis ours. Hopefully with bad managers out of the way, this time a proper collaboration can happen.
Tuesday, 5/18/10

This One Is On Us launches its own Web Television

For the past few months, we've been working on ways to improve the TOIOU website. Recently, we released an iPhone friendly version of the site at Today, we're launching : a streamlined interactive web-television where you can explore, watch and find download links to all of our releases.

Included on the brand new site is our exclusive interview with Moment Factory. You may recall an Hotline post from a while ago in which I invited you to submit questions for the Montreal-based company who designed the interactive system for NIN's Light In The Sky Tour. We took some of the best questions and had the chance to meet the multimedia intergrator from the tour, Pamela Rocks, who kindly responded to your questions. Head over to the site to watch the interview.

Keep watching because more content should be pouring in the coming months, from audio releases to video compilations, from Q&A sessions to multi-cam edits of 2009's Atlanta, Terminal 5, Bowery Ballroom, Wiltern shows and more.
Friday, 5/14/10

New HTDA video: The Space in Between

Watch How To Destroy Angels: The Space in Between, right now on Pitchfork's website. The video was directed by Rupert Sanders. High resolution versions should be available on the official website tomorrow.

Thursday, 5/13/10

Wish featured in new Bulletstorm trailer

Bulletstorm, a game by Epic for PS3 and Xbox360, features Nine Inch Nails' "Wish" in the trailer, which you can watch below while it's still online. Check it out:

Thanks to Rasmus, Greg and zombienormality for writing in!
Wednesday, 5/05/10

Download "A Drowning" from Amazon

How to Destroy AngelsAs of today, you can download a DRM-free MP3 of the first track from How To Destroy Angels from Amazon for $0.99 - or if you're in the UK, the download's £0.79 from If you've already downloaded it somewhere else and have been listening to it on repeat for hours on end, throw a buck in the direction of the people who made it.
Tuesday, 5/04/10

How To Destroy Angels track appears on Pitchfork

Head over to Pitchfork Media to stream a track from the HTDA EP, titled "A Drowning," alongside the first promo shot of the group, which includes Atticus Ross, Mariqueen Maandig Reznor, and, uh, some other dude. Pitchfork adds that Alan Moulder (not pictured) mixed the track. I don't know why you're still reading this, it's Pitchfork that has the new track, click the damn link already!