Friday May 21, 2010

Spin''s 25th Anniversary Poll severely lacking in NIN content

SpinOver at spin.com, Spin magazine is celebrating their 25th Anniversary with radio buttons, checkboxes and text inputs! "Pick your favorite band, album, movie, and song of the SPIN era" reads the headline, and while you can select Nine Inch Nails as best band, The Downward Spiral as best album, and Trent Reznor for, uh, "Hottest Sex God," they're missing from "Best Live Act," which borders on absurd. There is, however, a write-in vote, and I encourage you to go and write them in as the best live act, if you get a few moments to fill this puppy out. They don't ask for an email address or anything, but they wisely added a captcha to potentially thwart script-kiddies from busting this poll.