Thursday May 20, 2010

id software to pursue Trent Reznor for Doom 4 sound?

Nine Inch Nails and id Software have had quite a history, going back to the NIN logo appearing in the overhead map of one of the levels on The Ultimate Doom back in 1995. In 1996, id Software released Quake, with a soundtrack credited to Nine Inch Nails, and with ammo boxes for the nail gun weapon bearing the NIN logo. I could continue to rehash the history, but then I'd take the air out of this article at zConnection, which similarly pads their story with history in order to fill out this basic bit of news:
While we’ve been told to expect no official news on Bethesda and id Software’s upcoming Doom 4 until QuakeCon 2010, which will take place from August 12 to August 15, a reliable source has informed us that id are attempting to sign on Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor as sound engineer for the project.

Emphasis ours. Hopefully with bad managers out of the way, this time a proper collaboration can happen.