Saturday, 2/27/10

Download patches from the NIN Nord Modular

Hotline ImageHotline ImageOne of the items that I bid on a few months ago during the ongoing NIN eBay yard sale was a functional, if slightly damaged Nord Modular. As luck would have it, the high bidder was one Jesse Jensen of The J Directorate, who very kindly took the time to grab the patches off of the Nord Mod, zipped them up, and sent them to us to share. He had the following to say about the process and the patches:

After a fair amount of technical problems (ancient midi systems!), I finally got the patches off the synth. The bad(?) news is that it was most definitely Clouser's live synth, which means there's not much of interest there - the starfuckers patch, for example, is a pretty basic vocoder setup, as described in the Fragile-era keyboard magazine interview - but it is interesting to open it up and take a look nonetheless!

"Yeah, yeah, where can I get those patches?" Right here! Hope you Nord owners out there enjoy!

In somewhat related news, another member of the NIN community got in touch after being the high bidder on this "14 song comp reel" promo DVD, which is unique in that it's the only 'official' DVD I think I've seen from Universal with all these NIN videos (through AATCHB) in one place. If all goes well, he'll be sending scans to, and will be uploading the DVD ISO image somewhere so you can grab it if you'd like.
Thursday, 2/25/10

Motion City Soundtrack to cover Nine Inch Nails at Hoodwink Festival

live4music wrote in to let us know that the band Motion City Soundtrack will be doing a Nine Inch Nails cover set at their appearance at the Hoodwink Festival.
Sunday, 2/21/10

"Trash" drum set, custom keyboard stands on eBay

nin ebay auctionsWhen Nine Inch Nails performed tracks from the Ghosts album on tour, Josh Freese had a very large array of percussion instruments to work with. Besides his standard drum kit, he had a 'junk' kit, which apparently had a water cooler bottle, frying pan, a beer bucket, a mailbox, a trash can or two, and even a wash bin.

Well, these kit pieces have hit the auction block, along with keyboards, custom keyboard stands, guitars (including the last unbroken Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 Reissue in the lot), and a whole pile of cymbals.

You can find the whole list here, or simply check out the sidebar on your right, which automatically populates with NIN ebay auctions as they come up. Good luck!
Monday, 2/15/10

Narrowcasting speaker, mixer, guitars, miscellany listed on eBay

nine inch nails ebay auctionThe great NIN yard sale continues, and this batch has the usual cadre of guitars, a 32-channel Mackie mixer, and perhaps most interestingly, a Hypersound model H, a VERY directional speaker, which may not have been used in concert, but was mentioned in interviews as a possible vector for broadcasting (narrowcasting, really) Year Zero ARG clues to individual people in a crowd.

As usual, we're syndicating the auctions in our sidebar to the right, and I believe they're sorted by which item's newest. Good luck!
Tuesday, 2/09/10

Where's Waldo? New studio photo uploaded to

We're pretty sure they're not hiding anything in the details of the photo this time, but that's not going to stop you from looking, is it? The patch cables are out in full force again, and there's an out-of-focus shot on Nine Inch Nails' website documenting that. Thanks to Josh and TrooperThorn for writing in so quickly on this one, and I kind of stole the headline idea from juniperus' Twitter post.
Saturday, 2/06/10

Wikipedia features Ghosts I-IV today

Sometime last night, the front page of Wikipedia (in English) posted their featured article for the day: Ghosts I-IV. Congratulations are in order for Drewcifer3000 and everyone involved in editing together another article to the standards required to make it to the front page of Wikipedia.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to let us know!
Friday, 2/05/10

Believer Magazine interviews Trent Reznor

In this month's issue of the typically great 'magazine' (quotes around magazine because Believer has no photos and maybe has three ads in an issue) The Believer, Brandon Bussolini publishes an interview with Trent Reznor that took place on the night of the final Nine Inch Nails show. The preceeding link has an excerpt of the article, but for the full text, you're going to have to grab a copy online, or (preferably) seek out a print copy at a bookseller near you.
Thursday, 2/04/10

Ghosts Limited Edition on sale - wait, no, sold out

The nine inch nails twitter account just announced that a very limited number of copies of the $300 Ghosts Boxed set are for sale at the nin:ghosts website. "These had been held aside from the original run of 2500 for promotional use, but we did not end up needing them. Yes, they are signed." They may also be sold out by the time you read this. The last copy of this that sold on eBay went for $400... this is as cheap as a new copy will probably ever come. Good luck!

Update: Within a half hour, this new-old-stock of Ghosts LE boxed sets sold out.
Wednesday, 2/03/10

TOIOU and RITC present: Lights in the Sky - rehearsals DVD

Following on from the exclusive footage found on Another Version of the Truth: Bonus comes 30 minutes of never before seen footage from the Lights in the Sky rehearsals show at the LA Forum.

On July 19th 2008, Nine Inch Nails kicked off their Lights In The Sky with a very intimate performance in front of a small crowd of less than 300 lucky fans.

Security was very tight, as Trent didn't want to spoil the surprise of the great visuals effects, which he knew would be all over YouTube minutes after the first official show. We managed to uncover extremely rare, partial HD footage of this show. We used some of it as backup footage on Vegas, and now we're making it all available to you guys.
- Ash512, Editor

Put together by Ash512 and distributed by our friends at Reflecting in the Chrome (head over for a full summary of the DVD) this is the first longform high quality representation of the show in the public domain.


Monday, 2/01/10

This One Is On Us presents AVOTT : Bonus has recently released the Bonus disc to Another Version Of The Truth in a variety of formats.

This disc of extra material contains a lot of never-before-seen footage which we made a lot of effort to gather over the last year. You'll find a making-of featurette, TV interviews, bonus songs that aren't either on The Gift of Vegas, Alternate/Deleted visuals, and much, much more.

Here is an example of the stuff you can find on it. Rob Sheridan posted on ETS about this original idea they had for the visuals of The Hand That Feeds, which was performed only once. We managed to collect great HD footage of it:

#avottbonus is available in three formats:

    DVD-Torrent - SD-DVD image file with all bonus content plus easter eggs that are exclusive to this format.

    iPod - All bonus content in a continuous file separated by chapter markes.

    YouTube Playlist - All content, many of which is in HD. The playlist also includes a 30 minutes featurette documenting the very first show of the Lights In The Sky, the private rehearsal in Los Angeles. The feature is exclusive to YouTube

Look out for the release of the final disc of AVOTT, "Vegas", on February 25th.