Friday February 26, 2010

Download patches from the NIN Nord Modular

Hotline ImageHotline ImageOne of the items that I bid on a few months ago during the ongoing NIN eBay yard sale was a functional, if slightly damaged Nord Modular. As luck would have it, the high bidder was one Jesse Jensen of The J Directorate, who very kindly took the time to grab the patches off of the Nord Mod, zipped them up, and sent them to us to share. He had the following to say about the process and the patches:

After a fair amount of technical problems (ancient midi systems!), I finally got the patches off the synth. The bad(?) news is that it was most definitely Clouser's live synth, which means there's not much of interest there - the starfuckers patch, for example, is a pretty basic vocoder setup, as described in the Fragile-era keyboard magazine interview - but it is interesting to open it up and take a look nonetheless!

"Yeah, yeah, where can I get those patches?" Right here! Hope you Nord owners out there enjoy!

In somewhat related news, another member of the NIN community got in touch after being the high bidder on this "14 song comp reel" promo DVD, which is unique in that it's the only 'official' DVD I think I've seen from Universal with all these NIN videos (through AATCHB) in one place. If all goes well, he'll be sending scans to, and will be uploading the DVD ISO image somewhere so you can grab it if you'd like.