Monday February 1, 2010

This One Is On Us presents AVOTT : Bonus has recently released the Bonus disc to Another Version Of The Truth in a variety of formats.

This disc of extra material contains a lot of never-before-seen footage which we made a lot of effort to gather over the last year. You'll find a making-of featurette, TV interviews, bonus songs that aren't either on The Gift of Vegas, Alternate/Deleted visuals, and much, much more.

Here is an example of the stuff you can find on it. Rob Sheridan posted on ETS about this original idea they had for the visuals of The Hand That Feeds, which was performed only once. We managed to collect great HD footage of it:

#avottbonus is available in three formats:

    DVD-Torrent - SD-DVD image file with all bonus content plus easter eggs that are exclusive to this format.

    iPod - All bonus content in a continuous file separated by chapter markes.

    YouTube Playlist - All content, many of which is in HD. The playlist also includes a 30 minutes featurette documenting the very first show of the Lights In The Sky, the private rehearsal in Los Angeles. The feature is exclusive to YouTube

Look out for the release of the final disc of AVOTT, "Vegas", on February 25th.