Wednesday, 10/27/10

40 minute rough cut pro footage from NIN/Bowie concert surfaces

Remember those amazing NIN/Bowie videos we posted a while back? I got in touch with David Williams, who originally uploaded those videos, and he wrote back today, shedding some light on the origin of those clips.

This shoot was when Virgin Records was going under and did not have the money to finish. The footage is lost forever. I was the editor of record for this project. This concert was probably never paid for to the production company due to the snafu with the label.

Then, much to my delight, he mentioned that he's uploaded more footage from the same shot. "This footage is not the best quality since it was never finished and was in the old days before HD." Upon visiting his Vimeo page, I found that he had uploaded a 39 minute clip that includes Reptile, Scary Monsters, Subterraneans -- well, see for yourself: clicking here. Perhaps we attracted too much attention, as he's removed the ability to embed the video, which was previously viewable here -

Dave added, "Right now Vimeo is the place to watch my work. I live in Hollywood and [contact me if you need] any video directing or editing, music is my first love. The NIN concert and TUBE are some of my favouite pieces of work. I have fiber connected equipent and HD cameras so I can do work for just about anyone anywhere. Thank you, as I am in need of some videos doing since the market has changed so much."

Given all the cool stuff he's been posting to Vimeo, putting that out there's the least I can do. If you've got a Vimeo account, take a minute out to send David a thank you message, or at least post a comment ;)
Saturday, 10/23/10

Pretty Hate Machine gets a Reznor-overseen re-release

Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate MachineWhen I heard the news that Bicycle Music had purchased the TVT Catalog, I was excited to hear that the early Nine Inch Nails releases was no longer the property of a bank, and was now in the possession of a company that has a history of working with the artists who produced the music they've collected rights to. I had sent a couple of inquisitive emails to them, and although I didn't receive anything back, last week two weeks ago some NIN fans had noticed that HMV in the UK was taking pre-orders for a November 22 release of PHM UK radio station Totalrock announced a November 22nd UK re-release of Pretty Hate Machine. Without any confirmation or denial, it wasn't really worth posting here...

Today, however, Nine Inch Nails announced that Pretty Hate Machine is getting a world-wide re-release on November 22nd - and unlike the last rerelease we saw, this one is going to be significantly different, aurally speaking, because Trent Reznor and Tom Baker were able to remaster the album "for a grealy improved sonic experience," to quote Trent's post on

The album will be available on CD, vinyl, and in digital format on Monday, November 22nd. You can already pre-order the CD from Amazon. As you can see from the image on the left, the artwork has been reinterpreted for this 2010 release, with Rob Sheridan handling that duty, well, handily.

I'm looking forward to hearing a remastered PHM. If I have the time, I'll try and do a comparison like the one I did for the Downward Spiral remaster - although I'm betting the difference between the 1989 master of PHM and the 2010 remaster will be much more dramatic, given the way the dynamics sat on the original pressing.
Wednesday, 10/20/10

The Gift of NIN

Those of you that missed out on the 3 disc set of Another Version of the Truth can now get your hands on a single disc release of The Gift on DVD or BluRay (BD).

Picture fail

The focus of this release (aside from getting BDs to those of you that missed out previously) is to provide a product that you can take and give to a non-NIN fan as an introduction to NIN - and the LITS tour specifically. We've priced these as cheaply as we can, with the US orders subsidizing shipping for orders to rest of the world (to level the playing field a bit). You can buy as many copies as you want.

More info on how to order, and how to win a limited edition box set can be found here.

In tenously related news, if anyone here will be at the Dresden Dolls Halloween show (or any of the other concerts on the tour) ItsJustDave wants to hear from you. Read here for why.