Wednesday October 20, 2010

The Gift of NIN

Those of you that missed out on the 3 disc set of Another Version of the Truth can now get your hands on a single disc release of The Gift on DVD or BluRay (BD).

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The focus of this release (aside from getting BDs to those of you that missed out previously) is to provide a product that you can take and give to a non-NIN fan as an introduction to NIN - and the LITS tour specifically. We've priced these as cheaply as we can, with the US orders subsidizing shipping for orders to rest of the world (to level the playing field a bit). You can buy as many copies as you want.

More info on how to order, and how to win a limited edition box set can be found here.

In tenously related news, if anyone here will be at the Dresden Dolls Halloween show (or any of the other concerts on the tour) ItsJustDave wants to hear from you. Read here for why.