Wednesday October 27, 2010

40 minute rough cut pro footage from NIN/Bowie concert surfaces

Remember those amazing NIN/Bowie videos we posted a while back? I got in touch with David Williams, who originally uploaded those videos, and he wrote back today, shedding some light on the origin of those clips.

This shoot was when Virgin Records was going under and did not have the money to finish. The footage is lost forever. I was the editor of record for this project. This concert was probably never paid for to the production company due to the snafu with the label.

Then, much to my delight, he mentioned that he's uploaded more footage from the same shot. "This footage is not the best quality since it was never finished and was in the old days before HD." Upon visiting his Vimeo page, I found that he had uploaded a 39 minute clip that includes Reptile, Scary Monsters, Subterraneans -- well, see for yourself: clicking here. Perhaps we attracted too much attention, as he's removed the ability to embed the video, which was previously viewable here -

Dave added, "Right now Vimeo is the place to watch my work. I live in Hollywood and [contact me if you need] any video directing or editing, music is my first love. The NIN concert and TUBE are some of my favouite pieces of work. I have fiber connected equipent and HD cameras so I can do work for just about anyone anywhere. Thank you, as I am in need of some videos doing since the market has changed so much."

Given all the cool stuff he's been posting to Vimeo, putting that out there's the least I can do. If you've got a Vimeo account, take a minute out to send David a thank you message, or at least post a comment ;)