Saturday, 5/30/09

Modwheelmood tour starting next week + PtP physical release

Modwheelmood, the project of former NIN beeps n' boops player, Alessandro Cortini and Forever Red guitarist, Pelle Hillström, is getting ready to embark on a tour across the West/South next week, and the band updated their website with the following -

"hello all.

"we are almost ready to leave: spending most of our days packing records, cds and t!

"if you are coming to the shows, please stick around and say hi at the merch stand: Pelle, Jesper and I will be there...

"also also also....

"Pearls to Pigs will be available for sale at the shows in the following formats:

"-limited edition (500) numbered,​signed ,braille embossed, gatefold double 180g vinyl + digital download card.

"-Pearls to Pigs digital download card, including the album, betas and PDF booklet.

"It will be available through the usual digital stores on june 23rd.

"WE HAD SOME ISSUES WITH THE CD MANUFACTURING, and decided to skip this format, for the time being.
We'll keep you posted on future developments.

"see you soon.

"PS. new song on the myspace player!"
Head here to check out the new song and head here to see the dates that have been announced so far.

Sunday morning afternoon update - CDs WILL be available at the shows. There was a shipping scare but it looks like everything has been worked out.

Pittsburgh LITS Screening Cancelled

The screening of Colin Cooper's LITS edit in Pittsburgh on June 7th has been canceled due to circumstances beyond the organizer's control. However, they are looking to reschedule the event elsewhere so please feel free to send emails to the following address -
Wednesday, 5/27/09

NIN interview in this month's MOJO

There is a 6 page (including photos) interview with Trent Reznor in this month's MOJO, where he talks about his future plans, reflections on the making of Antichrist Superstar, being homeless during the Self Destruct tour, and several other things.

Here is a link to a readable photo album of the interview. If anyone fancies creating some proper hi-res scans of this interview at some point, ping me and I'll edit this post with a link to them! Click here for hi-res scans of the interview - thanks Sheepdean!

Thanks to Trains for bringing the interview to our attention.

Zeros and Ones - LITS Showing in Pittsburgh

For those in the Pittsburgh area who might want to warm up for the June 10th Burgettstown show with a little Lights In The Sky action:

The Carnegie Library of Homestead will be holding a completely free screening of Colin Cooper's edit of the Victoria show in their Music Hall on Sunday, June 7th @ 6pm.

The event is titled Zeros & Ones. The library is located at 510 East 10th Avenue in Munhall. The show will be projected in HD.

Attendance is limited to 500 folks on a first-come first-served basis.

For more information on the event, please visit the following websites: - and -
Wednesday, 5/20/09

Eric De La Cruz needs your help

From TR:

A Letter from Trent:

This is for something important. Eric De La Cruz is dying and needs a heart transplant. He keeps getting turned down for a transplant list because he's on Nevada Medicaid, and there are no transplant centers in Nevada. We want to get involved and hopefully so do you, so we're extending a hand. His sister Veronica (former Anchor and Internet Correspondent for CNN) has started a campaign to save his life.

Eric's situation shines a bright light on a broken health care system, and his particular set of problems are being addressed on the political front, aiming for reform in addition to the need for immediate financial help to keep him alive TODAY. I think we can help with the latter.

Here's what we're offering - three options:

If you have a ticket to a NIN/JA show: if you donate $1,000 to this cause, we'll invite you to come hang out with us before the NIN/JA show of your choice. You and a guest can watch soundcheck, eat dinner backstage with us, take pics / get autographs and watch the show from the side of the stage if you'd like.

If you donate $300, you and a friend can join us for soundcheck and a handshaking / hug session before doors open at the NIN/JA show of your choice.

If you do NOT have a ticket to a NIN/JA show: if you donate $1,200 to this cause, we'll invite you to come hang out with us before the NIN/JA show of your choice and provide 2 tickets (best available). You and a guest can watch soundcheck, eat dinner backstage with us, take pics / get autographs and watch the show from the side of the stage if you'd like.

100% of the money collected from this will go directly to Eric's fund.

I hope you'll consider helping out with this.

Sincerely, Trent Reznor

Not that you should need any motivation to donate to something like this if you have the spare funds, but with enticements like those it's a real no brainer. Even if you're not attending any shows, you can still donate a tenner or whatever you have spare. Head over here for more details.
Monday, 5/18/09

Reddit is giving away two tickets to the Palo Alto show

If you've got an existing Reddit account, you can enter a contest to win one of two tickets to Friday's gig in Mountain View. All you have to do to win is "Guess the number of Twitter followers @trent_reznor will have at exactly 23:59 Pacific tonight. Entries must be made by 23:00 Pacific" and post your guess in this thread on Reddit. There are more details on the first link, so go check it out.
Thursday, 5/14/09

Mailbox: Groupie vs. Fanboy

This is a little off-topic, but I thought it was good enough to share. I had some time to kill yesterday, for the first time in a while, and I got the following email from a Texan who goes by Irit Staff:
Is Trent Reznor too fucked up to care anymore? I keep reading one bad NIN/JA review after another. What the hell happened? Why is he twittering? I don't care much for Twitter either. Why is he allowing his new gal to smear his business all over the web? She's poison. I've lost my faith in him, I thought he had better sense than that shit.

Now, I've gotten a few emails from people who are upset over the thwarting of their destiny to get hitched to and have babies with Trent Reznor, and I usually ignore them. But like I said, I had time to kill, so, engage!
Trent posting to Twitter is having zero effect on his ability to put on a good show. Him having a girlfriend is also having zero effect on NIN putting on a good show. Assuming you've got a ticket for an upcoming gig, you'll see this for yourself.

Irit then goes on to tell me what he thinks about Trent's girlfriend, how he believes Trent is "back on dope", vehemently denies that he is gay, that I've created a fantasy around Trent Reznor, and after I told him that I didn't think he was gay, but that I thought he was a girl, he got really upset, telling me
If you contact me again, I will contact your employer and have a little conversation with the head of your company. No joke, that's how I roll.

I must have touched a nerve! That last line gave me douche chills. Anyhow, I wanted to send an email to Irit and let him know how laughable the notion is that anyone in my company would care about the rantings of a groupie and my replies, and it's okay to be gay, or to be a woman (aw shucks, or both!), but he asked me to not write back to him. I hope that when he does call my work, we put him on speakerphone and have a good laugh. If he needs to show them a copy of our conversation, I've put the whole thing online here. You know, in the interest of full disclosure. "No joke, that's how I roll."
Monday, 5/11/09

Wave Goodbye tour update

Hotline Image After playing two dates in Florida and one in Georgia, surprises to the setlist include songs that haven't been performed live in 14+ years, songs that have never been played before, and a surprise on-stage collaboration with Saul Williams. Among the songs that make me wish I could make it to more than one show this tour, NIN have played Now I'm Nothing, I'm Afraid of Americans, Metal, Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now), I Do Not Want This, Gone Still, Lights in the Sky, Physical, Heresy, The Downward Spiral... this is not a tour to be missed. Saul showed up to sing along on Survivalism lastnight before going into a live rendition of Banged & Blown Through from Niggy Tardust.

There's also some great merch available this time around, with the two most talked about items being the onsie (start 'em young) and a NIN messenger bag. There are a number of photos of the merch booth over at Echoing the Sound, the photo from the left being taken from a post by Febronia on Oh, hey, here's a really big picture of the merch booth by grattage, who goes on to mention that
"the poster is $15 and is on really thick paper. You can't roll it too tight without running the risk of bending the paper and they don't have tubes or rubber bands to give you. I'd recommend getting the poster at the end of the night and hope they don't run out. It measures 18"x24"."

Another online community has cropped up recently and has been trying to organize audio and video from the new tour - Reflecting in the Chrome.

Also of note: Peter L wrote in with details about his experience at the show - and noted that "when I [picked up] the tickets, the rep said that all pre-sale ticket holders could attend the sound check," something he wished he'd known about before because he'd already made pre-show plans. He also noted that "there was special VIP parking for pre-sale ticket holders that was much closer to the amphitheater than the regular parking."

And as usual, don't forget the picture and video galleries at, where folks have been tagging their YouTube and Flickr photos from the appropriate shows and they've been aggregated and accumulated.

I guess "fangasm" would be a good way to sum up this tour so far. Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

Nice streaming edit of Portland 12/7/08 'gift' footage

The crew over at have put together their own edit of the Portland multi cam footage that became available last year. I just received a standard def. version on dvd from their director Paul Hannigan and i've gotta say it's really, really good! Go check it out in HQ over at their home page:

I'll organize a torrent of the standard def. version very shortly.

While you're over there, check out the gigs section to view numerous streaming shows they've shot themselves at various Aussie venues. There's some great stuff including Amanda Palmer, Mogwai, Public Enemy, The Dandy Warhols and many others.

Thanks to Paul
Saturday, 5/09/09

Fan DVD making round-up!

Now that the New NINJA tour is up and running, the Reflecting in the Chrome guys have this new announcement:

A week ago the guys at came to me about collaborating on a new project for the NINJA tour. I thought it would be a great idea because of the fact I sent my Audio and Video footage to them for the use in their upcoming release of the NIN 405GB footage and all of the video show in Las Vegas called "Another Version of the Truth". I think they have put a lot of work into it and here is just a little snippet of the Las Vegas footage.

Basically what we are looking to accomplish here is to find all the sources for all 26 shows on the NINJA tour and with the varying setlist from night to night were gonna release a sort of AATCHB style footage. Where we will take a song from each night and edit all the different songs into one big video at the end. Of course here at RITC we will also do *FULL* show multi-cam works for every show that we get multiple sources. After the first night in WPB, it seems clear that we can have some great stuff to compile. stay tuned for more information, but for right now head over to the forums if you wanna discuss further projects or you have questions about taping. But it seems that security is WELL INFORMED about the open taping policy! I hope everyone enjoys the shows they are going to!

Tour documentation is already off to a great start with this guy streaming the show live last night, and these fantastic youtube videos surfacing already. Let's put these off the wall setlists to good use!

Download Meathead's NIN/JA Tour Fun Book!

Your prayers have been answered! Meathead's NIN/JA Tour Fun Book has arrived, so now you don't have to worry about not having anything to color while you're at your stupid Trent Reznor concert! Sorry I wasn't able to get it out in time for the West Palm Beach show, but... well, let's not kid ourselves, who really gives a shit about West Palm Beach anyway. Nothing but a bunch of assholes if you ask me. Anyway, you Tampa folks are all set!


P.S. If you don't know how to download torrents, let me remind you that it's fucking 2009, and to please get with the program already. Ask your grandma to teach you how to use uTorrent.
Friday, 5/08/09

To Boldly Go Where No Band Has Gone Before...

NIN/JA 2009Tonight marks the beginning of two important things in NIN world. The first is the beginning of the five-week NIN/JA 2009 tour with Jane's Addiction & Street Sweeper Social Club. If, for whatever reason, you haven't downloaded the NIN/JA EP, head to to do so now to get an excellent preview of what to expect.

The other is that for all intents and purposes, this is the final Nine Inch Nails tour for the foreseeable future. Tonight marks the beginning of 14 straight weeks of NIN touring the globe for one final wave goodbye. Head to to check out any dates and look for shows that still have tickets available in your area and get teary-eyed when looking at the top and bottom graphics.

As always, there are two places to document your experience: Echoing The Sound has a wonderful Tour Journal forum for members and guests who attended each show while has a Previous Shows forum for the same purpose.

And of course, there is the NIN: Access application for the iPhone that will be getting its first test at a concert tonight in Florida. Head to the site to check out the live Google Earth feed where users in the area will be meeting up for the show, discussing the songs and sharing their photos.

*Edit* After speaking with our legal council, the title of this update has been changed. Enjoy!
Thursday, 5/07/09

Madrid? + Rob Sheridan on the iPhone app

The O'Reilly Radar interivewed Rob Sheridan about the iPhone App rejection recently, and the audio is up here if you want a listen.

In this interview with Rob Sheridan, Nine Inch Nails' Artistic Director, Rob discusses the experience of getting the rejection letter from Apple, and what effect it has on the band's plans to build community applications on the iPhone platform. You'll hear Sheridan express an uneasiness that Apple can act as judge and jury without providing any transparency into the approval process.

Also. Kaustik emailed to tell us about a NIN show in Madrid on the 30th July. His source looks to be from a promoter site, so I'll slip it in here.
Wednesday, 5/06/09 Fan Interview w/Trent Reznor

A few weeks ago after the Digg Dialogg w/Kevin Rose was posted, Trent Reznor posted in the forums that he was up for answering some "true fan" questions in a video response. Two days of submitting questions, one week of a committee narrowing them down to 22 questions and two days of final voting later, we had 10 questions ready to go.

Bill Alsen, a.k.a. Papagolash interviewed Trent last night and asked him those 10 questions. Right now, all we have is a compressed .mov file of the interview, but there is a Vimeo link on its way and I'll post that in this update as soon as it's available (I'm told the file is over 1 GB, so it's going to take a bit of time).

Click here to view the video interview between Bill and Trent here (updated to a Megaupload link as of 1:45pm ET)

*5/7/09 Edit - As promised, here's the video from Vimeo.

Fans Q & A With Trent Reznor. from Questions for Trent on Vimeo.

Thanks go out to guilty for hosting and uploading the video, Bill for conducting the interview, and, of course, the communities of both Echoing The Sound and for making this all possible.
Tuesday, 5/05/09

Fan video for 8 Ghosts I entered into SIGGRAPH

I got an email from Shawn Faherty about a video he created for 8 Ghosts I, which has been accepted into the SIGGRAPH 2009 Animation Festival, and into the Motion Graphics Festival 2009, and was the winner of the "Best Video" award at the Dead Video/Live Video Festival. The video grabbed my attention enough that I not only made it all the way through, but felt the need to ask if I could share it on the Hotline. Permission granted, so, here it is:

Ghosts 8 Nine Inch Nails Video Submission from massta on Vimeo

Trent Reznor wins Webby Artist of The Year Award

The final results from the 13th Annual Webby Awards have come in and Trent Reznor has been awarded the Weby Artist of The Year. Head here to see the full list of results in all sorts of online categories.

Also of note is 42 Entertainment's win in the Integrated Campaigns category for their Why So Serious? campaign to advertise last year's The Dark Knight movie. They were also nominated for the Viral Marketing category but lost out to Diesel.
Monday, 5/04/09

Trent's Personal Life

Trent's personal life is no one's business but Trent's.

It's spring time and love is in the air.

All of us at the nin hotline would like to extend our congratulations to former NIN drummer Meg White on her recent engagement and impending nuptials.

EDIT: Almost forgot, a special thanks to the countless people who submitted this breaking news.
Saturday, 5/02/09

Apple Rejects NIN App Update

Slashdot has a story up on the rejection of the new update for the iPhone NIN App. Apperently, Apple has labeled The Downward Spiral as "objectionable content". The comments from Slashdot users are quite interesting, as well.