Wednesday May 6, 2009 Fan Interview w/Trent Reznor

A few weeks ago after the Digg Dialogg w/Kevin Rose was posted, Trent Reznor posted in the forums that he was up for answering some "true fan" questions in a video response. Two days of submitting questions, one week of a committee narrowing them down to 22 questions and two days of final voting later, we had 10 questions ready to go.

Bill Alsen, a.k.a. Papagolash interviewed Trent last night and asked him those 10 questions. Right now, all we have is a compressed .mov file of the interview, but there is a Vimeo link on its way and I'll post that in this update as soon as it's available (I'm told the file is over 1 GB, so it's going to take a bit of time).

Click here to view the video interview between Bill and Trent here (updated to a Megaupload link as of 1:45pm ET)

*5/7/09 Edit - As promised, here's the video from Vimeo.

Fans Q & A With Trent Reznor. from Questions for Trent on Vimeo.

Thanks go out to guilty for hosting and uploading the video, Bill for conducting the interview, and, of course, the communities of both Echoing The Sound and for making this all possible.