Saturday May 9, 2009

Fan DVD making round-up!

Now that the New NINJA tour is up and running, the Reflecting in the Chrome guys have this new announcement:

A week ago the guys at came to me about collaborating on a new project for the NINJA tour. I thought it would be a great idea because of the fact I sent my Audio and Video footage to them for the use in their upcoming release of the NIN 405GB footage and all of the video show in Las Vegas called "Another Version of the Truth". I think they have put a lot of work into it and here is just a little snippet of the Las Vegas footage.

Basically what we are looking to accomplish here is to find all the sources for all 26 shows on the NINJA tour and with the varying setlist from night to night were gonna release a sort of AATCHB style footage. Where we will take a song from each night and edit all the different songs into one big video at the end. Of course here at RITC we will also do *FULL* show multi-cam works for every show that we get multiple sources. After the first night in WPB, it seems clear that we can have some great stuff to compile. stay tuned for more information, but for right now head over to the forums if you wanna discuss further projects or you have questions about taping. But it seems that security is WELL INFORMED about the open taping policy! I hope everyone enjoys the shows they are going to!

Tour documentation is already off to a great start with this guy streaming the show live last night, and these fantastic youtube videos surfacing already. Let's put these off the wall setlists to good use!