Thursday, 8/28/08

New LA Times interview

Some stuff we've heard before, but all in all a pretty good read:

Trent Reznor: Back From The Abyss

Thanks to instantisolation over at ETS

p.s - Have fun in Philly everyone!
Wednesday, 8/27/08

More on the 2008 TDS vinyl re-release

You may or may not have seen the post on Trent made regarding the re-release of The Downward Spiral - here's an archived copy. Heck, here are his exact words:
You may have heard there's a new re-release of The Downward Spiral on vinyl. I heard that, too. I have no idea what it is or what's on it because the band has had no involvement in it.

Kinda shitty! Well, I got an email from Gary B, who apparently spoke to what records in the UK, where he gleaned that this is apparently being released as part of the 60th Anniversary of Vinyl, which I take to be fancy talk for "Universal wants to see just how profitable vinyl re-release sales can be." While I think it really sucks that this is being done without any input from, you know, the guy who made the record, ~$30 for a new copy of TDS on vinyl beats $200+ for a used copy of the promo 2x12" put out in 94. Tower Records (they still exist?) has it on pre-sale for $21.49, which I imagine Amazon will price-match very soon (thanks nothing_void), and AcousticSounds has it for ~$30 as well (thanks Mr9InchNail).
Tuesday, 8/26/08

Meata Headiata

FYI, The Meathead Perspective has been updated again, JSYK. Kinda sorta. Whatever. Hi, I'm Meathead.

Pre-sales and stuff

Pre-sales dates for the upcoming North American tour are slowly being added to at the moment (along with general on sale dates). If you're interested in seeing a show and want to try and score pre-sale tickets your best bet is to check frequently. Also, don't forget you need to register - all the instructions are on - thanks LJ nin_news community for the heads up.

You can read the interview with Alessandro in Electronic Musician on their website here. Yes, I know this was posted last month but given the physical copy of the magazine is now available I thought it pertinent.
And I added some articles from the last few months (NY Times, Rolling Stone etc) to the article archive.

A few things you may have missed the midst of live shows and other things.

- There are a shit-ton of reviews for this tour in every American publication in existence right now. Google news, and the NIN-spotting thread in your forum of choice, are your friends
- Justin and Allesandro feature on the cover of Bass Player and Electronic Musician this month. Get down to your local book conglomerate for a copy.
- Apple are spouting some marketing rubbish on this webpage. Apparently you can download something Nine Inch Nails related that you couldn't do so sexily before.

I think that's about it for now. Red Rocks is a week from today - shouldn't you be queueing already?
Saturday, 8/23/08

Meathead's Lights In The Sky Tour Companion and Fun Book

Hey everyone! I'm proud-ish to present something that will undoubtedly make your Nine Inch Nails concert experience at least 35 percent more enjoyable: Meathead's Lights In The Sky Tour Companion and Fun Book. That is, unless the tour has already passed through your area, in which case you're pretty much screwed. Sorry.

(Note: If you had trouble downloading the torrent earlier, it's because I'm an idiot. It should be functioning properly now.)
Friday, 8/22/08

BT Digital Music Awards people's choice is back!

But fuck them. I didn't mind slapping their ugly logo on this site from year to year, it was kind of a fun pissing match with other fansite webmasters, but it became increasingly evident that if your band wasn't fairly British, chances were that no matter how many people voted for your site, you weren't going to break the top 10. When we did make the short list in 2005, no one contacted us about it (although our site got thumbnailed in the program for the award ceremony, apparently). So, yeah, get fucked BT.
Thursday, 8/21/08

The Google Earth treasure hunt is still on - in Ohio

If you've been keeping up with your subscription to the NIN Tour on Google Earth, you may have noticed that a new question mark has propped up off Route 6 in Ohio, somewhere between Fairview Lanes and Huron. For any more information, check out Echoing the Sound, or download Google Earth yourself, and subscribe to the NIN Tour KML file at
Wednesday, 8/20/08

TR nominated for's Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008 poll

We just received news that Trent Reznor has been officially nominated for's Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008 reader's poll. The poll, which has become an increasingly popular feature of this site, reflects which men in popular culture have had the most influence on other men in general over the last 12 months, or who may have actually changed the way they act, dress and even think.

Based on the above criteria, TR has made the shortlist of candidates, with the final 49 to be determined mainly by readers votes. You can vote as many times as you like (that's AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE) and the final votes will be combined with those from the site's staff to provide the final result.

Something a bit different than the usual 'best band/live show/etc' eh?

You can vote, as many times as you like, right here , under the 'Musicians' section...Final results to be tallied October 21st

And while you're at it, why not DIGG IT too?
Tuesday, 8/19/08

Vinyl re-release of The Downward Spiral pushed back to Sept 23

We reported about a post at mentioning a September 9 release of The Downward Spiral on vinyl, but missed the update on August 11 about how the 2xLP re-release has been pushed back to September 23rd. We haven't really found any place where you can pre-order it yet, though.
Saturday, 8/16/08

New stupid wallpapers + paintings

Hey friends! If you're one of the approximately 6.7 billion people who missed out on the "Discipline" painting auction, today is your lucky day. I've just finished two brand new, totally classy portraits of the new NIN lineup, based on my award-winning* cartoons. The eBay auctions are located here:

Or, if you're too cool to bid on one of those, there is also an electronic version available for you to put on your computer or portable status symbol!

*may or may not pertain to awards i made up
Friday, 8/15/08

New North American Fall Tour Dates

A second batch of North American tour dates have been posted! Check out for the full schedule.
Monday, 8/11/08

Keep em coming!

Just a reminder for everyone attending the current tour to get your photos on the NIN Tour Archive that's been set up. So long as you have flickr, you have no excuse!

Sunday, 8/10/08

Check out my new meat purse

Everyone's favorite NIN-related monument to failure, The Meathead Perspective, has been updated with an exhilaratingly tepid new cartoon!
Saturday, 8/09/08

Belong: Same Places

I'm actually at work right now, but before I get into the thick of things, I got word of another release by Belong, the American experimental music duo composed of Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones. We've mentioned October Language and Colorloss Record before, and this latest effort, "Same Places" is available both as a free download and on 12" vinyl for $14. Unlike previous albums, the thick wash of sound that is Same Places is not broken down into individual tracks, but runs over 14 minutes straight. Rather than babble on about it, I encourage you to download and hear it for yourself, particularly if you're a fan of low fidelity ambient sound.

Now back to your regularly scheduled feed of Nine Inch Nails news. By the way, if you don't already have a ticket to a NIN show on this tour, seriously, between the super tight lineup and the state-of-the-art interactive stage lights/production/whatever, I found it worth every penny and every hour of the ridiculous travel delays I encountered going to see them play at Lollapalooza, and that wasn't even a full set.

... and yet another show added!

A show in Buenos Aires (that's in Argentina, for you less worldly people) has just been added to the tour site. The show is scheduled for Thursday October 2. Ironically, pre-show tickets already went on sale as of yesterday, but tickets are still available as of ... right now! If you miss out on these pre-sale tickets, the public on-sale date is August 12 at 10:00 a.m. BST (that's British Summer Time, for you less worldly people).
Friday, 8/08/08

Voodoo... voodoo...

Really sorry about the Godsmack reference. Won't happen again. Swear.

Hey kids! Nine Inch Nails is going to headline The Voodoo Festival on October 25th! The entire festival takes place between Oct. 24-26 and will also feature R.E.M., Stone Temple Pilots and Thievery Corporation (!). Grab your tickets here.

Also, check out an interview (here) that Trent did with FM 102.1's Kramp & Adler a few days before Lollapalooza. In it, Trent dishes on his excitement for Lollapalooza, Rick Springfield and masturbation. It's amazing.

Rolling Stone article

I just posted about this AND the LA Times article but eatyourblud beat me to it. Anyway:

Rolling Stone have an amusing article focusing on the current tour (and the issue of whether or not to include Axl Rose's house in the rehearsal show ticket treasure hunt)

Thanking acidpolly

TR in talks with HBO regarding Year Zero TV series.

The LA Times is reporting that Trent Reznor is currently in negotiation with HBO re the production of a two-season 'maxi-series' based on the Year Zero album, to possibly be released in conjunction with Year Zero part 2 and a new ARG!

"It's the most exciting thing on the horizon, it's the thing that when I wake up in the morning it makes me say, 'God it would be cool if that happened"

Full article here

Thanks to akm over at Echoingthesound for the heads up.

Worcester Show Postponed


"We regret to announce that due to illness, the Worcester show originally scheduled for Friday, August 8th at the DCU Center has been postponed. The band is sincerely sorry for the last minute announcement, but unfortunately Trent's recurring throat ailment has left him unable to perform.

We are currently working to confirm a rescheduled date. Please hold on to your tickets, as they will be honored on the new date. Watch for updates, we will post information about the rescheduled date as soon as it is confirmed.

Thank you very much for your understanding."

EDIT: Show has now been rescheduled for November 9th...
Wednesday, 8/06/08

Meanwhile, at 42 Entertainment Headquarters...

42E is starting a brand new ARG experience for the release of Resistance 2 for the Playstation 3, which features Katee Sackoff of bears, beets Battlestar Galactica fame. If you miss being chained to your computer, looking at websites, and trying to decode ambient noises, then have a look at the following sites (also be sure to listen for some Ghosts tracks):

For background info on the ARG, here's the wiki.
Tuesday, 8/05/08

If you like rock music

Aaron North's hot and sexy new band Jubilee has posted an exciting video teaser for a new song called "I Don't Have An Excuse, I Just Need A Little Help" on the internet! The song features Maynard James Keenan and a beat programmed by Trent Reznor (lead singer of Nine Inch Nails). You can check it out by clicking your mouse on one or both of the following links:

They've also announced a metric assload of UK and Ireland tour dates at Buddyhead, so all you Europe people and creepy stalkers from the US with way too much disposable income can go check them out soon! (Maynard probably won't be there though, sorry)

The Downward Spiral to be re-issued on vinyl? is reporting that on the 9th of September, The Downward Spiral will apparently be re-issued as a 2xLP vinyl set through Nothing/Interscope Records.

At this point in time, nothing has been officially confirmed. We'll post anymore info as it comes to hand.

Thanks to Kory Dye for letting us know.

Saturday, 8/02/08

Something for the Weekend

The interview doesn't really reveal anything new, but I'm sure British readers will join me in a collective WTF at this "exclusive" Nine Inch Nails article from The Sun newspaper.

The Rich Fownes Show

As you may have noticed, a strange computer virus from Nigeria recently erased the stunningly mediocre "Rich Fownes" cartoon from the Meathead Perspective's archives. I'm not exactly sure how it did that, but I've fixed the problem, and now the Rich Fownes show is once again available for viewing. Of course, I don't know why you'd want to watch it again, since it's exactly the same cartoon as was there before, with absolutely no changes made to it whatsoever. But, you know, if you still want to anyway, that's cool.
Friday, 8/01/08

Minneapolis Show Postponed

"8.01.2008: NIN Minneapolis show at Target Center postponed to November 25th

We regret to announce that due to illness, the Minneapolis show originally scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd at the Target Center has been postponed. The band is sincerely sorry for the last minute announcement, but after receiving doctor's orders not to perform, Trent has reluctantly agreed to the postponement.

The concert is being rescheduled for Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at Target Center. All tickets purchased for the August 2nd concert will be honored on the new date. For those unable to attend the rescheduled date of November 25th, a refund will be available at original point of purchase.

Thank you very much for your understanding."

Keep an eye on for more details...

Thanks to nympholept for the heads up.

Alessandro Cortini = International Fugitive?

The United States Border Patrol in Canada confiscated Alessandro Cortini, a known Italian synthisist, around 3:30 AM local time this morning. Details are unknown regarding the circumstances surrounding said confiscation and we only know as much as Rob has posted on the photoblog (I'm just putting this up now so I can avoid a bunch of emails later because I'm awake at an ungodly hour this morning), so we're uncertain how long Alessandro will be detained and if this is going to throw a wrench into the tour.

We'll wait and see if we need to print up some "Free Alessandro!" t-shirts.