August 27, 2008
I'm Writing On A Little Piece Of Paper

I'm sure it's probably just some weird internet glitch, but my numbers indicate that the Meathead's Lights In The Sky Tour Companion and Fun Book has been downloaded a few thousand times already. Fuck, I knew I should have charged for that shit. Not only are you guys downloading it, but you've actually been printing it out as instructed and bringing it with you to the Nine Inch Nails concerts. And not only that, but you've been annoying the band members with them as well! You've made me so proud. Seriously, I need a moment here.

As you can see on the left, some lucky NIN fan who posts as "lovin_trent" (gross) on the internet has successfully snagged the autograph of He Who Is Beyond All Reproach, His Holiness Justin Meldal-Johnsen, and can now sell it on eBay and retire. Congratulations! Incidentally, this made me curious to see what other wild, wacky shit you people are doing with the Fun Book. Has anyone else gotten The Almighty's autograph? Have you colored the "Color Me" pages? Have you done anything that ended up in arrest, injury, or death? If so, send in your pictures! If enough weirdos actually send theirs in, I'll put them up right here on the ol' Perspective for others to stare at in a drug-induced haze.

SEND YOUR FUN BOOK PICTURES TO: chucknorrisistheonetruegod at gmail dot com

One word of caution: Certain member(s) of Nine Inch Nails (not naming any names) are not particularly known for having a sense of humor. Thusly, said member(s) would almost certainly not approve of anything associated with The Meathead Perspective, and may react in an unpleasant manner when presented with the Fun Book. If you attempt to procure said member(s)' autograph, be advised that you do so at your own risk, and The Meathead Perspective assumes no responsibility for the consequences of your actions.


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