Saturday August 9, 2008

Belong: Same Places

I'm actually at work right now, but before I get into the thick of things, I got word of another release by Belong, the American experimental music duo composed of Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones. We've mentioned October Language and Colorloss Record before, and this latest effort, "Same Places" is available both as a free download and on 12" vinyl for $14. Unlike previous albums, the thick wash of sound that is Same Places is not broken down into individual tracks, but runs over 14 minutes straight. Rather than babble on about it, I encourage you to download and hear it for yourself, particularly if you're a fan of low fidelity ambient sound.

Now back to your regularly scheduled feed of Nine Inch Nails news. By the way, if you don't already have a ticket to a NIN show on this tour, seriously, between the super tight lineup and the state-of-the-art interactive stage lights/production/whatever, I found it worth every penny and every hour of the ridiculous travel delays I encountered going to see them play at Lollapalooza, and that wasn't even a full set.