Tuesday, 7/29/08

Q101 Audio Interview

Q101 in Chicago have a nice audio interview up with Trent.

Direct link is here

thanks LEA for the heads up.

Monday, 7/28/08

Someone at Amazon is smoking crack.

At the time of this posting, the title for the 180gm vinyl edition of The Slip has been changed to "The Slip [BOX SET] [SINGLE] [DUALDISC] [ENHANCED] [HYBRID SACD] [RINGLE] [SOUNDTRACK]." Sorry to get your hopes up about the Ringle edition of The Slip, but despite the title, this is still just the vinyl version of the album.

Thanks to sean for the heads up.
Friday, 7/25/08

Lights in the Sky ... in the comfort of your own piano room

Do you long for that live NIN experience but lack the inclination to leave your house or interact with filthy fellow fans? I know I do! Now, for one low, low payment of absolutely nothing, you can simulate an intimate concert at home* with Know the Score's brand-new transcription of Lights in the Sky.

As usual, the transcription was done by ear (and I'm having some audio hardware problems), so if you see any errors, yadda yadda yadda.

*Piano-playing talent and skill not included. Results may vary.
Thursday, 7/24/08

"And here... we... GO!"

Tomorrow officially marks the beginning of the Lights in The Sky Over North America Tour and is kicking things off with the return of the photoblog. Make sure to head to the NINblog Archive for anything you might miss as I'm sure the photos will start rolling in once the shows get underway.

Also, Electronic Musician has published an interview with Alessandro Cortini. In it, they talk about all of the synths that Alessandro has picked up over the years, his involvement with Ghosts, and what he does to make each NIN show different than the last. They've also thrown up four videos which can be viewed here.

And again, make sure to head to ETS to document your experience in the Tour Journal forum.
Wednesday, 7/23/08

The Slip CD/DVD details

People all over the world have been receiving their copies of Halo 27 on CD & DVD, and found that depending on what numbered set you got, you get one of three different sticker packs. Several different efforts have been put forth by the users of Echoing the Sound to track (and trade) different sets. If you haven't ordered your copy already, you should pick it up this week, as most major retailers have The Slip on sale for nearly half it's retail value.

As mentioned on (see the feed to the right?), the (not-limited) vinyl edition won't be shipping for another couple of weeks.
Monday, 7/21/08

NIN Source

Painful Convictions Nine Inch Nails fansite has recently gone though a metamorphosis via a site-wide redesign and rename. The new site, known as NIN Source, is full of information that you can help grow by adding your own comments to the discography, lyrics and knowledgebase. I invite you to point your web browser over to and explore the site.

end pimping

Lights In The Sky: Tour Journal

With the private show on July 19th being over and done with, now's as good a time as any to re-remind everyone of the tour journal forum over at Echoing the Sound.

If you were at the show and haven't posted your thoughts and opinions of what you saw, post them here. If you'd like to talk about the show but weren't there, head here to speculate about what we might see once the tour cranks into gear.
Friday, 7/18/08

The Slip in Australia

The Slip is now available for purchase Down Under - I bought a copy this morning from a large discount retailer, however it will set you back around $AU32. Remember that its limited to 250,000 copies worldwide so if you are wanting a physical copy you should probably think about grabbing one "soon"


Three more NIN songs to be released for Rock Band

Volk wrote in to point out the awesome news that on the Rock Band website, they announced next week's download content: THREE more NIN songs will be available. "Burn", "Capital G", and "Last". A lot of people are going to be blowing their voices out on that last one.

NIN Google Earth Los Angeles area scavenger hunt explodes...

We hinted a little about how there were things on the Google Earth maps for the NIN Tour - essentially, little black question marks showed up on the map, people went to them and found invitations to a private dress rehearsal that's happening... soon. As of last night, a total of four of these black question marks had showed up over the last few weeks. Well, 21 new markers just showed up. If you're in the Los Angeles area, you may want to take your lunch break early...

Amazon drops price on The Slip to $13.99

That's down from $17.99, and nearly half the original price of $24.98. If you already pre-ordered, you automatically get the lowest price. You might as well toss in the vinyl to qualify for free shipping ;)
Thursday, 7/17/08

The Slip - now shipping?

The first photos of the limited edition CD/DVD showed up at the nine inch nails website. In addition, Jason Koning from New Zealand reported getting an email from Amazon that his copy of the Slip digipak shipped yesterday. I had admittedly been too lazy to put in an order myself, figuring I'd just pick it up at a store, but for some reason this prompted me to pre-order, ha.
Wednesday, 7/16/08

July 17th = LIE. Yay July 16th!

Well, turned out the rumor was kinda true. Pearls to Pigs, Vol. 3 is out NOW at iTunes (here) and probably tomorrow at Amazaon (here). Check it out!

The Slip available now on iTunes! Wait... what?

Sorry news has been so slow, but between the band prepping for the tour (btw rumor has it the stage setup is a-fucking-mazing) and my own personal turmoil, that's how it's going right now. I wanted to tell you about the Google Earth treasure hunt and all that, but visit Echoing the Sound for more on that.

Anyhow, a few people noticed that you can buy The Slip as a digital download on iTunes. (By the way, the physical release is due out in less than a week, got your preorder in?) So why sell The Slip on iTunes if you can download it at higher quality for free, directly from the band? Chances are there are people searching iTunes for this new NIN album they've heard about, and are afraid to venture out of the one music store they trust. Who knows? Maybe it's the same mysterious party responsible for those Google Adsense ads for Still.

So, yeah, download The Slip for free, or pre-order the limited edition DVD/CD version for $18 and have it delivered to your door next week. You can slouch around and order the 180 gram vinyl edition whenever you want, because it's not limited.
Wednesday, 7/09/08

The NIN Fan Tour Archive is back!

For those of your who remember the UK NIN Tour archive that sprung up on the interwebs in 2005, and was mistakenly thought to be a part of the ARG in's back, with international flavour at !

It is entirely user-content created, and intended to be a portal for our tourside snaps for gigs worldwide past and present. Just add your photos to the Flickr Group here and see them pop up on the site here.

If you've got any suggestions for the site, just pop it in a discussion topic on the flickr page, or in the ETS thread here.

Note: This site is not run by Nine Inch Nails, but it did grace the links page of Ye Olde a couple of years ago.
Monday, 7/07/08

Nice interview from late last month

...which some of you might have missed (I know I did), over at

Check it out

Not a bad read at all. Looks like YZ 2 is very much still on the cards. Good news indeed!

Thanks to Fredy_Brown at ETS for the heads up.
Wednesday, 7/02/08

Viva La Nails!

Grab your tequila and sombrero, brush up on your Mexican and get ready to head south of the border! Two new dates in Mexico have been added to NIN's tour page - 10/18/08 in Mexico City and 10/19/08 in Guadalajara. Both shows are part of the Motrokr Festival.

Regular tickets go on sale August 18th while a date hasn't yet been set for the presales. It's unlikely there will be one since these performances are part of a festival.

P.S. Santiago, Chile has been added for 10/4/08.