Wednesday July 16, 2008

The Slip available now on iTunes! Wait... what?

Sorry news has been so slow, but between the band prepping for the tour (btw rumor has it the stage setup is a-fucking-mazing) and my own personal turmoil, that's how it's going right now. I wanted to tell you about the Google Earth treasure hunt and all that, but visit Echoing the Sound for more on that.

Anyhow, a few people noticed that you can buy The Slip as a digital download on iTunes. (By the way, the physical release is due out in less than a week, got your preorder in?) So why sell The Slip on iTunes if you can download it at higher quality for free, directly from the band? Chances are there are people searching iTunes for this new NIN album they've heard about, and are afraid to venture out of the one music store they trust. Who knows? Maybe it's the same mysterious party responsible for those Google Adsense ads for Still.

So, yeah, download The Slip for free, or pre-order the limited edition DVD/CD version for $18 and have it delivered to your door next week. You can slouch around and order the 180 gram vinyl edition whenever you want, because it's not limited.