Wednesday July 9, 2008

The NIN Fan Tour Archive is back!

For those of your who remember the UK NIN Tour archive that sprung up on the interwebs in 2005, and was mistakenly thought to be a part of the ARG in 2007...it's back, with international flavour at www.nintourarchive.com !

It is entirely user-content created, and intended to be a portal for our tourside snaps for gigs worldwide past and present. Just add your photos to the Flickr Group here and see them pop up on the site here.

If you've got any suggestions for the site, just pop it in a discussion topic on the flickr page, or in the ETS thread here.

Note: This site is not run by Nine Inch Nails, but it did grace the links page of Ye Olde NIN.com a couple of years ago.