Thursday, 10/30/08

Tap Tap NIN Contest

From -

"Tapulous is giving away floor tickets for every NIN show between 11/8 and 12/12 - and one winner will get a Les Paul guitar signed by Trent. To enter, just submit a score of over 150,000 points on any track in the game. Each submission counts as one contest entry, so you can submit as many times as you like."

Details can be found here along with contest rules. Very cool.
Wednesday, 10/29/08

Tap Tap NIN Is Now Available

Head here to download it from the iTunes App Store.

Here are some details -

"The Nine Inch Nails edition of Tap Tap Revenge will go on sale in October and will have 16 specially selected tracks from Nine Inch Nails’ most recent albums, The Slip and Ghosts I-IV, many of them specially edited or mixed for the game. And it will of course have that special NIN look and feel. As far as we know, this is the first significant music partnership of its kind for the iPhone! The game will retail for $4.99."

*WHOA EDIT* Check this out -

"nine inch nails is currently developing its own iPhone application, scheduled for release before the end of the year. watch for details."

Another app? Interesting.

Kevin McMahon resurfaces at

We got a couple of emails about this, and figured there are probably a good number of you who visit this site who might be interested in the news:

Over at the unofficial fansite luckyPRICK, they've received a track called Runaway Brain from Kevin McMahon's new project, ( sic ). McMahon was on the Nothing Records roster as PRICK, who opened for Nine Inch Nails during the David Bowie Outside tour, and Kevin shared the stage with NIN for the three "Night of Nothing" gigs immediately after that.

Anyhow, Runaway Brain, his first release in four years, is available as a free download from luckyPRICK until November 1st, so grab it while you can.
Tuesday, 10/28/08

JMJ talks about chewing gum

Upstate Link just posted an interview they conducted with Justin Meldal-Johnson here. It's a quickie, but in it, he talks about rehearsing for the LITS tour, Trent throwing shit at him and Gene Simmons' chewing gum habits.

Thanks guilty!
Saturday, 10/25/08

NIN Remix of The Day - Starting 10/27/08

After bouncing around some ideas late last night, one emerged that will take flight this Monday: I'll start posting links to NIN remixes from both and on our Twitter page. There won't be a set pattern for posting remixes, even though it's called "NIN Remix of The Day," so expect around 2-4 links a week. Also, there are some Saul Williams remixes out there as well, so those are also fair game.

If you're not following us on Twitter, make sure to add us so you can see what I post as soon as I post it! If you're not a registered member on Twitter, what are you waiting for?

Quick note: Please do not send me emails asking me to post your remix on our page. I peruse both sites and am subscribed to the "Highest Rated Today" podcast from on iTunes, so, if you made a really good remix, chances are I've already heard it and will be posting it on the page. Thanks!

*Midnight Edit* Got impatient so the first mix is up. Quick note - to download a remix from, you MUST have a screen name. You don't have to have a SN to listen to it, though. The song should start playing after clicking the link. For, click the play button in the upper-left corner and click the disk to download the song. Enjoy! I may post another mix later today.
Wednesday, 10/22/08

1,000,000, Discipline featured in Midnight Club: Los Angeles

1,000,000 and Discipline are featured in the new Rockstar Games release: Midnight Club: Los Angeles. The game developers hand picked artists from up and down the West Coast that have been "getting lots of radio and club burn in L.A. specifically" to create the sonic landscape of California. The game was released October 20th. Click here for the full soundtrack listing.

Now can we get a NIN/The Slip DLC pack for Rock Band?? :)

Thanks to Guy for the tip!

Soundwave tickets on sale this week!

Just a reminder that the Australian Soundwave festival early bird tickets are on sale this week.

Dates as follows:

Brisbane: Thursday 23rd @ 9am

Sydney: Friday 24th @ 9am

Melbourne: Saturday 25th @ 9am

Adelaide: Sunday 26th @ 9am

Perth: Sunday 26th @ 9am

All times are LOCAL times.

You need to register in order to obtain the email with the link to the purchase site.
Tuesday, 10/21/08

42 Entertainment wins yet again!

42 Entertainment won several awards in this years One Show: Entertainment, one of the top advertising/marketing award shows in the industry. 42 and NIN's ARG took gold for the online gaming category, beating out campaigns from companies such as Coca-Cola, the US Army, and American Express. They also won silver for the music category, and a merit award for the online branded entertainment category.

Gold Award (with video summary of the NIN ARG)

Full list of winners

Thanks to Joe Charles for the submission!

XRock 101.1 Interview

Yesterday XRock's Morning Wood show interviewed Trent Reznor about....stuff.

Ok, I haven't listened to it yet, but it's a two-parter so there must be something interesting in there!
Monday, 10/20/08

Our news submission form is back up.

After fiddling around, I figured out what changes I needed to make in order to properly go through our SMTP server when sending email out, and now our fancy-pants javascript/ajax news submission form (that link to your right that says "Submit a lead") should now work. Bring on the spam! I guess I should probably port this over to the Tool Hotline tonight this week, eh?
Tuesday, 10/14/08

Australian Soundwave Festival to get full set/production

For those Aussies worried that the upcoming NIN appearances at the Soundwave Festival will be a stripped down production, or shortened time wise (as happens with most bands at most festivals down here...unless you're Metallica) - Fear Not!

According to Soundwave promoter A.J. Maddah, the Australian shows will be a full two hour set, with full production and lighting.

See article here

Now we just need news of a SIDESHOW or two ey? (hint, hint)

Thanks to Acidpolly at ETS for the news.
Monday, 10/13/08

Photos from Lights in the Sky available at

We got word from Front Row Center that you can now purchase limited edition prints of Rob Sheridan's photography from the Lights in the Sky Over North America tour. 8x10 photos run $25, 11x14 photos are $35, and these pictures are produced on the Agfa D-lab 2 digital photographic printer, meaning you get true photographic prints - not inkjet or dye-sublimation prints - on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

Prints will be available for upcoming shows on the Lights in the Sky Tour as well, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to Blair for the heads up!

Thursday, 10/09/08

Rock-afire Explosion update

It's been decided and bids are being submitted now to get The Rock-afire Explosion to play 999,999/1,000,000. Check the first post of this thread to find out how you can submit your contribution. This should be fun.
Wednesday, 10/08/08

Josh "Fucking" Freese To Leave Nine Inch "Fucking" Nails

Single tear.

Be sure to tell Josh how much you will miss him.


Just a quick note: As you may have noticed, the Buddyhead site is down for the time being. While I can't do anything about that, you can continue reading my posts, as well as the older ones, at my new standalone blog, ¿Spicy or Mild? Hopefully the Buddyhead issue will be resolved soon, but in the meantime, you can add my blog to your bookmarks if you want. If you don't give a shit about it, that's okay too, you can just go to hell then. Thanks.

Soundwave tickets are NOT on sale this week

In case you were not aware Soundwave early bird tickets are NOT going on sale this week. They have been post-poned for two weeks due to on sale date clashes with another large touring festival.

Here are the new on sale dates for early bird tickets

Brisbane: Thursday 23rd October @ 9am
Sydney: Friday 24th October @ 9am
Melbourne: Saturday 25th October @ 9am
Adelaide: Sunday 26th October @ 9am
Perth: Sunday 26th October @ 9am

All times are local.
Sunday, 10/05/08

Tour Journal?

Thursday night was very interesting with both the VP debate and the live feed from the NIN show in Buenos Aires taking place at the same time. Watching Joe Biden & Sarah Palin discuss important issues with Piggy playing in the background was... unique. Of course, the video dropped out at several points throughout the show and some of the views were a bit obstructed but I was able to see some of the new surprises that Trent promised last month about the second leg of the Lights in The Sky 2008 tour. So, I decided later that I'd check ETS' tour journal to see more pics of what the cameras from the feed might've missed, but alas, it was quite empty afterwards and has only had a handful of posts since the concert!

So, as a friendly reminder, please, check out and post in the ETS Tour Journal if you attended either show in Buenos Aires & Santiago! Post your reviews, setlists and stories en espanol or english and make sure to include some pics! We really want to know how your experience was!


While NIN is touring through South America and preparing to head back to the states for the second leg of Lights In The Sky: Over North America, Alessandro Cortini has quietly launched a MySpace page for his other project, blindoldfreak. Check it out here to listen to a few tracks. Also, has been slightly revamped to coincide with the new MySpace page. The website's been around for a while but it hasn't seen much attention until recently.

Apparently, this is leading up to something neat so make sure to keep your eyes posted on both sites since something could happen at literally any moment.
Friday, 10/03/08

The last of the Atlantic City House of Blues tickets

So tickets are sold out to 2000+ capacity venue at the House of Blues in AC, but if you want to make a big snazzy trip out of it, they still have HOB packages available. These include 4 VIP tickets (reserved seats) to the show, access to the Foundation Room at the club, and a night in one of their House of Blues Studio king bed suites - all for a cool $999. If you want more information on this setup, head to Thanks to Jessica for the heads up.

Note to those already attending this - we're lining up a special giveaway for this night, follow us on twitter as I ponder exactly how to go about said giveaway, once I know we've got stuff to give.

Xtremeradio 107.5 Vegas Presale

If you missed out on the presale for the upcoming 12/13 Vegas show, xtremeradio 107.5 is hosting a presale tonight 10/2 at 11:59pm. Follow this link to xtremeradio's site for more information regarding the presale. Good luck! And if your luck doesn't follow through again, don't forget about the public sale on 10/4 at 10:00am through ticketmaster. Thanks to bryantodd of ETS for the heads up!
Thursday, 10/02/08

Buenos Aires Live Feed Tonight!

It looks like will be hosting a live feed for tonight's show. Click here to watch. Show begins at 21:45 Buenos Aires time (8:45 pm EST and 5:45 PST). Thanks to akm and LEA of ETS.

If you missed the live stream visit the Buenos Aires NINwiki page or ETS's Live Feed thread for more information and soon-to-be-posted captured audio & video.
Wednesday, 10/01/08

Want to get the Rock-afire Explosion to play a NIN song?

I'm not sure how many people are aware of this but the original creator of The Rock-afire Explosion for Showbiz Pizza Place has started choreographing new songs with the characters. Click here to see some of the stuff they've already done.

Anyways, the guy has a bidding list set up where you can offer up cash to get your song of choice choreographed. (See where this is going?) I'm thinking if we were to pool some funds, we could make it happen. FWIW, the last winning bid was a mere $230.

If you're interested in helping to make this happen, or just contributing ideas, join the discussion here.

More Tap Tap Discipline

Tapulous posted a video preview of the NIN version of Tap Tap Revenge last night and David was kind enough to send us a link! Check it out here (.mov file). What's cool is that the app is based on the artwork from Ghosts I-IV and The Slip. Again, very cool. Ah, fuck. They took the video down. It was really cool, though!

Also, check out all of the websites here on Google that have posted about the new app over the last few days which is coming... soon.

Thanks again, David!